Options Settings for the catalog tools (deprecated)

Allow the user to set and examine a variety of global options that affect the way in which lidR processes an entire catalog. This function is deprecated. See catalog instead.




Option names to retrieve option values or [key]=[value] pairs to set options.

Supported options

The following options are supported:

  • progress (logical) Display progress bar. Default is TRUE.

  • buffer (numeric) - When applying a function to an entire catalog sequentially processing sub-areas (clusters) some algorithms (such as grid_terrain) require a buffer around the area to avoid edge effects. Default is 15 m.

  • multicore (numeric) - For parallel processes, fix the number of cores to use. Default is the number of cores you have.

  • tiling_size (numeric) - To process an entire catalog, the algorithm splits the dataset into several square sub-areas (clusters) to process them sequentially. This is the size of each square cluster. Default is 1000 (1 km^2).

  • by_file (logical) - This option overwrites the option tiling_size. Instead of processing the catalog by arbitrary split areas, it forces processing by file. Buffering is still available.

  • return_virtual_raster (logical) - Functions which return raster-like data such as grid_metrics, grid_terrain and other grid_* functions may return huge amounts of data for large catalogs or high resolution data (typically grid_terrain with a resolution of 1 meter). Switching this option to TRUE enables storage of the data on the hard disk and returns a lightweight virtual raster mosaic.

  • memory_limit_warning (numeric) - When applying a function to an entire catalog, an internal function tries to estimate the size of the output before running the algorithm in an attempt to prevent memory overflow. This value (in bytes) is the threshold before a warning is given. Default is 5e8 (500 Mb). Set to Inf to disable.

  • catalog_options
  • catalog_reset
catalog_options(multicore = 2)
catalog_options(buffer = 40)

# Reset default options
# }
Documentation reproduced from package lidR, version 1.6.1, License: GPL-3

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