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Analysis and Visualization Likert Items

An approach to analyzing Likert response items, with an emphasis on visualizations. The stacked bar plot is the preferred method for presenting Likert results. Tabular results are also implemented along with density plots to assist researchers in determining whether Likert responses can be used quantitatively instead of qualitatively. See the likert(), summary.likert(), and plot.likert() functions to get started.

Functions in likert

Name Description
likert.heat.plot Internal method.
label_wrap_mod Wrap label text.
likert-package Likert Analysis and Visualization
likert.density.plot Creates a density plot for likert items. Bar Plot for Likert Items.
align.plots Adapted from ggExtra package which is no longer available. This is related to an experimental mlpsa plot that will combine the circular plot along with the two individual distributions.
gap Fictitious dataset with importance and satisfaction results across five different offices.
abs_formatter Absolute value formatter for continuous_scale
likert.histogram.plot Histogram of number of responses.
likert Analyze Likert type items.
likert.matrix.plot Matrix plot (experimental)
plot.likert Plots a set of likert items. Plots a set of likert items.
MathAnxietyGender Pre-summarized results from an administration of the Math Anxiety Scale Survey grouped by gender.
pisaitems Programme of International Student Assessment Prints results table. Print method for The primary purpose is to suppress the "Stacking not well defined when ymin != 0" warning printed by ggplot2 for bar plots that have negative bars (i.e. the centered plots).
mass Results from an administration of the Math Anxiety Scale Survey.
MathAnxiety Pre-summarized results from an administration of the Math Anxiety Scale Survey.
print.likert.heat.plot Print method for likert.heat.plot.
print.likert Prints results table.
likert.options Builds an object with options for plotting likert results.
summary.likert Prints summary table of a Likert analysis.
shinyLikert Shiny App for the likert package.
xtable.likert Prints a LaTeX table of the likert items. Prints summary table of a Likert analysis.
reverse.levels Reverse the levels of a factor.
sasr Results from the Survey of Academic Self-Regulation (SASR).
zeroGrob The zero grob draws nothing and has zero size.
print.xlikert Prints the results of xtable.likert.
recode Recode a vector.
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Date 2016-12-29
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VignetteBuilder utils
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Packaged 2016-12-30 23:54:48 UTC; jbryer
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2016-12-31 01:37:00

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