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by Douglas Bates

Linear mixed-effects models using S4 classes

Fit linear and generalized linear mixed-effects models.

Functions in lme4

Name Description
random.effects Extract Random Effects
nfGroupedData-class Class "nfGroupedData"
pdBlocked-class Class "pdBlocked", blocked pd matrices
pdgradNumeric Evaluate the pdmatrix gradient numerically
Hsb82 High School and Beyond - 1982
GLMM Fit Generalized Linear Mixed Models via PQL
groupedData-class Class "groupedData"
pdLogChol-class Class "pdLogChol", positive-definite matrices
reStruct-class Class "reStruct"
reStruct Create an reStruct object
glmm-class Class "glmm"
model.matrixGets Assign the model.matrix
pdMatrix Return the positive-definite matrix
LMEoptimizeGets Optimize linear mixed-effects
isInitialized Check for initialization
VarCorr Extract variance and correlation components
pdfactor-class Factors of positive-definite matrices
nffGroupedData-class Class "nffGroupedData"
glmmStruct Create a glmm object
pdDiag-class Class "pdDiag"
corrmatrix-class Class "corrmatrix"
EMstepsGets Perform EM iterations
corMatrix Generate the correlation matrix
guPrenat Prenatal care in Guatemala
fixed.effects Extract Fixed Effects
lmeControl Control values for lme
pdmatrix-class Positive-definite matrices
matrixGets Assign the matrix
pdIdent-class Class "pdIdent"
coefGets Assign parameters
Names Extract or assign Names
nlmeInternal-class Some internal classes
nlme-internal Internal nlme functions
lme-class Class "lme"
lmeLevel Construct an lmeLevel object
weightedGets Modify the weights
pdCompSymm-class Class "pdCompSymm"
corFactor Extract the correlation factor
formulas Utilities for formulas
guImmun Immunization in Guatemala
LMEgradient The gradient in lme optimization
nmGroupedData-class Class "nmGroupedData"
pdFactor Square-root factor
logDet Logarithm of the determinant
summary.reStruct-class Class "summary.reStruct"
solve-methods Methods for Function solve
VarCorr-class Class "VarCorr"
family-class Class "family"
lmeLevel-class Class "lmeLevel"
EMupdateGets Update an object in the EM algorithm
BIC Bayesian Information Criterion
lmList List of lm Objects with a Common Model
intervals Confidence Intervals on Coefficients
pdNatural-class Class "pdNatural", positive-definite matrices
lmList-class Class "lmList"
pdgradient Evaluated the pdmatrix gradient
pdMat-class Class pdMat, positive-definite matrices
lme Fit linear mixed-effects models
pooledSD Extract pooled standard deviation
nfnGroupedData-class Class "nfnGroupedData"
responseGets Modify the response
s3bbx Covariates in the Rodriguez and Goldman simulation
s3bby Responses simulated by Rodriguez and Goldman
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Date 2003/08/12
License GPL version 2 or later

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