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Interactive Statistical Data Visualization

An extendable toolkit for interactive data visualization and exploration.



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loon is an extendible interactive data visualization system designed for exploratory visualization.

Though primarily for exploratory data analysis, it can also be used to develop new interactive analysis and teaching tools. Some sense of the breadth of application and possible extensions can be seen in the various vignettes, demos, and examples in the documentation.

Some sense of the use of loon can be had from the articles, especially the introduction, available here.

Web Documentation

In addition to the R package documentation we also have both TCL and R documentation here.

Once in R, these are accessible from loon as

# Combined TCL and R documentation (a learning document)

# R only manual

l_web(directory = "articles")

# R system documentation
help(package = loon")

vignette(package = "loon")

demo(package = "loon")


The interactive graphics in loon are written on TCL, accessible to R via the tcltk R package. Be sure to have a version of R that includes Tcl/Tk 8.6.6 (which happens by default but might be missing if you have a custom R build).

# The easiest way to install loon

# You could also install the latest development release directly from GitHub
devtools::install_github("great-northern-diver/loon", subdir = "R")
# Or, to ensure you have the vignettes as well 
# (  also accessible via l_web(directory = "articles")  )
devtools::install_github("great-northern-diver/loon", subdir = "R", 
                         build_opts = c("--no-resave-data") )

Other Usage/Installation notes

  • It is best to use loon in RStudio or within a terminal.

    • The Rgui app on OSX does not work well with loon.

    • The default Windows R GUI will not accept debug messages from Tcl, so for now you need to use RStudio or the terminal.

  • Mac users need to install XQuartz

    • Do not close XQuartz while R is running! Otherwise you end up crashing the active R session (including RStudio).
  • On Ubuntu one should install the libtk-img debian package (e.g. with sudo apt-get install libtk-img) in order to get a wide variety of export formats with the l_export function.

Getting started

Once loon is installed, work your way through the introductory vignette:

# from the vignette in R
vignette("introduction", package = "loon")
# or via the web
l_web("introduction", directory = "articles")


The data used in this demo is quakes giving the locations, depth, Richter magnitude of earthquakes of Fiji since 1964.


The binsize can be modified by the graphical element at the bottom of this histogram.

h <- l_hist(quakes$depth,
            yshows = "density",
            showBinHandle = TRUE,
            xlabel = "depth",
            title = "Tonga trench earthquakes",
            linkingGroup = "quakes")


Scrolling the mouse to zoom the plot. To pan the plot, press the right mouse button and move the mouse

p <- l_plot(x = quakes$long, y = quakes$lat,
            xlabel = "longitude", ylabel = "latitude",
            linkingGroup = "quakes",
            title = "Tonga trench earthquakes")

Linking and Brushing

Two plots are linked that the change on one change can affect changes on the other.

3D rotation

     l_plot3D(long, lat, depth, linkingGroup = "quakes")


The plot is splited into three panels by the level of Richter magnitude.

# add a map layer
NZFijiMap <- maps::map("world2", regions = c("New Zealand", "Fiji"), plot = FALSE)
l_layer(p, NZFijiMap,
        label = "New Zealand and Fiji",
        color = "forestgreen",
        index = "end")
# facet `p`
levels <- rep(NA, nrow(quakes))
levels[quakes$mag < 5 & quakes$mag >= 4] <- "Light"
levels[quakes$mag < 6 & quakes$mag >= 5] <- "Moderate"
levels[quakes$mag >= 6] <- "Strong"
l_facet(p, by = levels, 
        linkingGroup = "quakes")

On the name

The software is named after a large aquatic bird known as the common loon in Canada and the United States, or the great northern diver in the United Kingdom. (Hence the name of the github organization: https://github.com/great-northern-diver)

The loon is a visual predator, diving deep beneath the surface, there chasing its prey with speed and remarkable maneuvrability. Once apprehended, the prey are either swallowed immediately or, when large, at least brought to the surface to be dealt with there.

This seemed an excellent metaphor for an agile, interactive, and exploratory visualization system; one which empowered an analyst to chase, and perhaps discover, whatever features might be revealed in the data by quickly diving below its surface. The goal is to provide such a system in loon.

As an acronym "loon" does not fare so well (least obvious ostensive name) and perhaps its synonym "diver" would be better (direct interactive visual exploration in R). But, then, "loon" is funnier ... diveR will be the name of a collection of "loon" related packages.


Functions in loon

Name Description
as.loongraph Convert a graph object to a loongraph object
graphreduce Make each space in a node apprear only once
l_bind_canvas_reorder Reorder the canvas binding evaluation sequence
grid.loon Create and optionally draw a grid grob from a loon widget handle
l_bind_glyph_ids List glyph binding ids
l_bind_canvas_ids List canvas binding ids
as.graph Convert a loongraph object to an object of class graph
l_after_idle Evaluate a function on once the processor is idle
l_aspect<- Set the aspect ratio of a plot
complement.loongraph Create the Complement Graph of a loon Graph
l_bind_item Create a Canvas Binding
facet_separate_layout layout separately
completegraph Create a complete graph or digraph with a set of nodes
l_bind_canvas_delete Delete a canvas binding
facet_wrap_layout Layout as a wrap
l_bind_item_delete Delete a item binding
l_bind_canvas_get Get the event pattern and callback Tcl code of a canvas binding
L2_distance Euclidean distance between two vectors, or between column vectors of two matrices.
l_bind_glyph_reorder Reorder the glyph binding evaluation sequence
l_export_valid_formats Return a list of the available image formats when exporting a loon plot
l_cget Query a Plot State
l_export Export a loon plot as an image
l_breaks Gets the boundaries of the histogram bins containing active points.
l_bind_layer Add a layer binding
l_bind_item_reorder Reorder the item binding evaluation sequence
l_context_add_context2d Create a context2d navigator context
l_configure Modify one or multiple plot states
l_bind_navigator Add a navigator binding
UsAndThem Data to re-create Hans Rosling's famous "Us and Them" animation
facet_grid_layout Layout as a grid
l_aspect Query the aspect ratio of a plot
condGrob Create a named grob or a template grob depending on a test
l_bind_context Add a context binding
l_bind_context_get Get the event pattern and callback Tcl code of a context binding
l_basePaths Get the set of basic path types for loon plots.
l_bind_context_ids List context binding ids
l_bind_context_delete Delete a context binding
l_bind_item_get Get the event pattern and callback Tcl code of a item binding
l_bind_item_ids List item binding ids
hex12tohex6 Convert 12 hexadecimal digit color representations to 6 hexidecimal digit color representations
complement Create the Complement Graph of a Graph
color_loon Create a palette with loon's color mapping
l_bind_navigator_delete Delete a navigator binding
l_bind_glyph Add a glyph binding
l_bind_layer_reorder Reorder the layer binding evaluation sequence
l_bind_state_get Get the event pattern and callback Tcl code of a state binding
l_bind_context_reorder Reorder the context binding evaluation sequence
l_bind_state_delete Delete a state binding
l_bind_layer_ids List layer binding ids
l_bind_layer_delete Delete a layer binding
l_binCut Get labels for each observation according to bin cuts in the histogram.
l_Rlist2nestedTclList Convert an R list to a nested Tcl list
l_bind_layer_get Get the event pattern and callback Tcl code of a layer binding
l_bind_state_ids List state binding ids
l_glyph_add_polygon Add a Polygon Glyph
l_getGraph Extract a loongraph or graph object from loon's graph display
l_glyph_getLabel Get Glyph Label
l_bind_navigator_reorder Reorder the navigator binding evaluation sequence
l_getFromPath Create loon objects from path name
l_glyph_getType Get Glyph Type
l_bind_state Add a state change binding
l_colRemoveAlpha Convert color representations having an alpha transparency level to 6 digit color representations
l_glyphs_inspector Create a Glyphs Inspector
l_bind_canvas Create a Canvas Binding
l_compoundPaths Get the set of basic path types for loon plots.
l_glyphs_inspector_image Create a Image Glyph Inspector
l_createCompoundGrob For the target compound loon plot, creates the final grob from the class of the `target` and the `arrangeGrob.args`
l_currentindex Get layer-relative index of the item below the mouse cursor
l_get_arrangeGrobArgs For the target (compound) loon plot, determines all arguments (i.e. including the grobs) to be passed to `gridExtra::arrangeGrob()` so as to determine the layout in `grid` graphics.
l_copyStates A generic function to transfer the values of the states of one `loon` structure to another.
l_glyph_add_image Add an image glyphs
l_getScaledData Data Scaling
l_create_handle Create a loon object handle
l_graphswitch_getLabel Query Label of a Graph in the Graphswitch Widget
l_glyph_add_serialaxes Add a Serialaxes Glyph
l_context_add_geodesic2d Create a geodesic2d navigator context
l_bind_state_reorder Reorder the state binding evaluation sequence
l_context_add_slicing2d Create a slicind2d navigator context
l_bind_glyph_delete Delete a glyph binding
l_getBinIds Gets the ids of the active points in each bin of a histogram
l_getSavedStates Retrieve saved plot states from the named file.
l_glyphs_inspector_pointrange Create a Pointrange Glyph Inspector
l_getColorList Get loon's color mapping list
l_glyph_add Add non-primitive glyphs to a scatterplot or graph display
l_glyph_add.default Default method for adding non-primitive glyphs
l_getPlots For the target compound loon plot, determines all the loon plots in that compound plot.
l_glyph_add_pointrange Add a Pointrange Glyph
l_glyphs_inspector_text Create a Text Glyph Inspector
l_graph Generic funtction to create an interactive graph display
l_glyphs_inspector_serialaxes Create a Serialaxes Glyph Inspector
l_graph_inspector_analysis Create a Graph Analysis Inspector
l_graph_inspector Create a Graph Inspector
l_graphswitch_add.graph Add a graph to the graphswitch widget using a graph object
l_hexcolor Convert color names to their 12 digit hexadecimal color representation
l_help Open a browser with loon's combined (TCL and R) documentation website
l_graphswitch_add.loongraph Add a graph to the graphswitch widget using a loongraph object
l_graphswitch_reorder Reorder the Positions of the Graphs in the Graph List
l_graphswitch_set Change the Graph shown in the Active Graph Widget
l_graphswitch_ids List the ids of the graphs in the graphswitch widget
l_bind_glyph_get Get the event pattern and callback Tcl code of a glyph binding
l_layer Loon layers
l_hist_inspector Create a Histogram Inspector
l_layer.Polygons Layer polygons in Polygons object
l_layer.Polygon Layer polygon in Polygon object
l_hist Create an interactive histogram
l_layer.SpatialPolygonsDataFrame Layer polygons in SpatialPolygonDataFrame
l_move_halign Horizontally Align Points or Nodes
l_layer.density Layer Method for Kernel Density Estimation
l_layer_lines Layer lines
l_layer_line Layer a line
l_layer.SpatialLines Layer lines in SpatialLines object
l_bind_navigator_get Get the event pattern and callback Tcl code of a navigator binding
l_graphswitch_add.default Add a graph that is defined by node names and a from-to edges list
l_graphswitch_add Add a graph to a graphswitch widget
l_layer_demote Moves the layer to be a child of its right group layer sibling
l_layer_contourLines Layer Contour Lines
l_layer_delete Delete a layer
l_layer_expunge Delete a layer and all its descendants
l_layer.SpatialLinesDataFrame Layer lines in SpatialLinesDataFrame object
l_layer_group layer a group node
l_layer.SpatialPoints Layer points in SpatialPoints object
l_context_delete Delete a context from a navigator
l_layer_raise Switch the layer place with its sibling to the left
l_move_hdist Horizontally Distribute Points or Nodes
l_navigator_add Add a Navigator to a Graph
l_layer_groupVisibility Queries visibility status of decendants
l_layer_oval Layer a oval
l_layers_inspector Create a Layers Inspector
l_layer_rasterImage Layer a Raster Image
l_layer_texts Layer texts
l_navigator_getLabel Query the Label of a Navigator
l_layer_points Layer points
l_ng_plots 2d navigation graph setup with with dynamic node fitering using a scatterplot matrix
l_navigator_getPath Get the sequence of nodes of a navigator's current path
l_image_import_files Import Image Files as Tk Image Objects
l_context_getLabel Query the label of a context
l_navigator_delete Delete a Navigator
l_currenttags Get tags of the item below the mouse cursor
l_ng_plots.default Select 2d spaces with variable associated measures displayed in scatterplot matrix
l_plot3D Create an interactive loon 3d plot widget
l_layer_polygons Layer polygons
l_scaleto_selected Change Plot Region to Display All Selected Data
l_plot_arguments Arguments common to l_plot functions
l_layer_polygon Layer a polygon
l_imageviewer Display Tcl Images in a Simple Image Viewer
l_bind_navigator_ids List navigator binding ids
l_navigator_walk_backward Have the Navigator Walk Backward on the Current Path
l_navigator_walk_forward Have the Navigator Walk Forward on the Current Path
l_layer_text Layer a text
l_layer_smooth Layer a smooth line for loon
l_nDimStateNames N dimensional state names access
l_scale3D Scale for 3d plotting
l_ng_ranges.measures 2d Navigation Graph Setup with dynamic node fitering using a slider
l_ng_ranges.scagnostics 2d Navigation Graph Setup with dynamic node fitering based on scagnostic measures and using a slider
l_scaleto_layer Change Plot Region to Display All Elements of a Particular Layer
l_navgraph Explore a dataset with the canonical 2d navigation graph setting
l_scaleto_world Change Plot Region to Display All Plot Data
l_data Convert an R data.frame to a Tcl dictionary
l_state_names Get State Names of Loon Object
l_setAspect Set the aspect ratio of a plot
l_scaleto_plot Change Plot Region to Display the All Data of the Model Layer
l_size Query Size of a Plot Display
l_setColorList Use custom colors for mapping nominal values to distinct colors
l_size<- Resize Plot Widget
ndtransitiongraph Create a n-d transition graph
print.l_layer Print a summary of a loon layer object
olive Fatty Acid Composition of Italian Olive Oils
l_getOption Get the value of a loon display option
print.measures1d Print function names from measure1d object
l_context_ids List context ids of a navigator
l_context_relabel Change the label of a context
l_layer_bbox Get the bounding box of a layer.
l_layer_getType Get layer type
l_layer_getParent Get parent layer id of a layer
l_layer_isVisible Return visibility flag of layer
l_layer.map Add a Map of class map as Drawings to Loon plot
l_glyph_add_text Add a Text Glyph
l_glyph_delete Delete a Glyph
l_getOptionNames Get the names of all loon display options
l_graph_inspector_navigators Create a Graph Navigator Inspector
l_scaleto_active Change Plot Region to Display All Active Data
l_layer_layerVisibility Returns logical value for whether layer is actually seen
l_setColorList_loon Set loon's color mapping list to the colors from loon defaults
l_setLinkedStates Modify States of a Plot that are Linked in Loon's Standard Linking Model
l_toplevel loon tk top level
l_subwin Create a child widget path
l_getBinData Get information on current bins from a histogram
l_getLocations For the target compound loon plot, determines location (only and excluding the grobs) arguments to pass to `gridExtra::arrangeGrob()`
l_glyph_ids List glyphs ids
l_getLinkedStates Query the States that are Linked with Loon's Standard Linking Model
l_facet Layout Facets across multiple panels
l_layer_rectangle Layer a rectangle
l_graphswitch_delete Delete a graph from the graphswitch widget
l_glyph_relabel Relabel Glyph
l_graphswitch_get Return a Graph as a loongraph Object
l_graphswitch_move Move a Graph in the Graph List
l_graphswitch Create a graphswitch widget
l_layer_rectangles Layer rectangles
l_graphswitch_relabel Relabel a Graph in the Graphswitch Widget
loon loon: A Toolkit for Interactive Data Visualization and Exploration
linegraph.loongraph Create a linegraph of a graph
l_info_states Retrieve Information about the States of a Loon Widget
l_hist_inspector_analysis Create a Histogram Analysis Inspector
loonGrob_layoutType A generic function used to distinguish whether only the locations of plots will be used to arrange them in a grob, or whether all arguments to `gridExtra::arrangeGrob()` will be used.
l_isLoonWidget Check if a widget path is a valid loon widget
loonGrob Create a grid grob from a loon widget handle
oliveAcids Just the Fatty Acid Composition of Italian Olive Oils
l_image_import_array Import Greyscale Images as Tcl images from an Array
l_layer.SpatialPointsDataFrame Layer points in SpatialPointsDataFrame object
oliveLocations Geographic location of each Italian olive growing area named in the olive data.
l_userOptionDefault Get loon's system default value for the named display option.
l_layer.Lines Layer lines in Lines object
loon_palette Loon's color generator for creating color palettes
l_layer.Line Layer line in Line object
print.measures2d Print function names from measure2d object
loongraph Create a graph object of class loongraph
l_layer.SpatialPolygons Layer polygons in SpatialPolygons object
scagnostics2d Closure of Two Dimensional Scagnostic Measures
l_move_jitter Jitter Points Or Nodes
l_move_reset Reset Temporary Point or Node Locations to the x and y states
l_navigator_walk_path Have the Navigator Walk a Path on the Graph
l_layer_hide Hide a Layer
l_layer_lower Switch the layer place with its sibling to the right
l_layer_heatImage Display a Heat Image
l_nestedTclList2Rlist Convert a Nested Tcl List to an R List
l_layer_printTree Print the layer tree
l_layer_move Move a layer
l_layer_promote Moves the layer up to be a left sibling of its parent
l_layer_getChildren Get children of a group layer
l_loonWidgets Get all active top level loon plots.
l_layer_ids List ids of layers in Plot
l_layer_getLabel Get layer label.
l_layer_index Get the order index of a layer among its siblings
l_layer_relabel Change layer label
l_ng_plots.measures 2d Navigation Graph Setup with dynamic node fitering using a scatterplot matrix
l_loon_inspector Create a loon inspector
l_serialaxes_inspector Create a Serialaxes Inspector
l_plot_inspector Create a Scatterplot Inspector
l_ng_plots.scagnostics 2d Navigation Graph Setup with dynamic node fitering based on scagnostic measures and by using a scatterplot matrix
l_predict Model Prediction
l_serialaxes Create an interactive serialaxes (parallel axes or radial axes) plot
l_plot_inspector_analysis Create a Scatterplot Analysis Inspector
l_plot_ts Draw a decomposed time series loon plot
l_pairs An interactive scatterplot matrix
l_plot Create an interactive loon plot widget
l_layer_show Show or unhide a Layer
l_throwErrorIfNotLoonWidget Throw an error if string is not associated with a loon widget
l_redraw Force a Content Redraw of a Plot
l_setColorList_baseR Set loon's color mapping list to the colors from base R
l_primitiveGlyphs The primitive glyphs available to a scatterplot or graph display
l_toR Convert a Tcl Object to some other R object
l_setColorList_ColorBrewer Set loon's color mapping list to the colors from ColorBrewer
l_userOptions Get the names of all loon display options that can be set by the user.
l_web Open a browser with loon's R documentation webpage
measures1d Closure of One Dimensional Measures
measures2d Closure of Two Dimensional Measures
l_make_glyphs Make arbitrary glyphs with R graphic devices
linegraph Create a linegraph
plot.loongraph Plot a loon graph object with base R graphics
plot.loon Plot the current view of any loon plot in the current device.
l_zoom Zoom from and towards the center
l_move_valign Vertically Align Points or Nodes
l_navigator_ids List Navigators
l_move_vdist Vertically Distribute Points or Nodes
l_move_grid Arrange Points or Nodes on a Grid
l_navigator_relabel Modify the Label of a Navigator
tkcolors List the valid Tk color names
l_ng_ranges 2d navigation graph setup with with dynamic node fitering using a slider
l_ng_ranges.default Select 2d spaces with variable associated measures using a slider
l_saveStates Save the info states of a loon plot widget in a file
l_setColorList_hcl Set loon's color mapping list to the colors from hcl color wheen
l_resize Resize Plot Widget
l_setColorList_ggplot2 Set loon's color mapping list to the colors from ggplot2
l_setTitleFont Set the title font of all loon displays
l_widget Dummy function to be used in the Roxygen documentation
l_worldview Create a Worldview Inspector
l_setOption Set the value of a loon display option
minority Canadian Visible Minority Data 2006
names.loon Get State Names of Loon Object
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