Copy a vector into a matrix

Creates a matrix by binding multiple copies of a vector together, either by row or by column

colCopy(x,times, dimnames=NULL ) rowCopy(x,times, dimnames=NULL )
The vector to be copied
Number of copies of the vector to bind together
List specifying row and column names

This is a convenience function for binding together multiple copies of the same vector. The intended usage is for situations where one might ordinarily use rbind or cbind, but the work is done by the matrix function. Instead of needing to input multiple copies of the input vector x (as one would for rbind), one only needs to specify the number of times that the vector should be copied.


For rowCopy, the output is a matrix with times rows and length(x) columns, in which each row contains the vector x. For colCopy, each column corresponds to the vector x.


This package is under development, and has been released only due to teaching constraints. Until this notice disappears from the help files, you should assume that everything in the package is subject to change. Backwards compatibility is NOT guaranteed. Functions may be deleted in future versions and new syntax may be inconsistent with earlier versions. For the moment at least, this package should be treated with extreme caution.

See Also

matrix, rbind, replicate

  • rowCopy
  • colCopy
library(lsr) #### Example 1: basic usage data <- c(3,1,4,1,5) rowCopy( data, 4 ) colCopy( data, 4 ) #### Example 2: attach dimension names dnames <- list( rows = c("r1","r2","r3"), cols = c("c1","c2","c3","c4","c5") ) rowCopy( data,3,dnames )
Documentation reproduced from package lsr, version 0.5, License: GPL-3

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