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by Vitalie Spinu

Make Dealing with Dates a Little Easier

Functions to work with date-times and timespans: fast and user friendly parsing of date-time data, extraction and updating of components of a date-time (years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds), algebraic manipulation on date-time and timespan objects. The 'lubridate' package has a consistent and memorable syntax that makes working with dates easy and fun.

Functions in lubridate

Name Description
hm Create a period with the specified number of hours and minutes
int_shift Shift an interval along the timeline
day Get/set days component of a date-time.
as.period Change an object to a period.
dst Get Daylight Savings Time indicator of a date-time.
DateUpdate Changes the components of a date object
interval Create an interval object.
decimal_date Converts a date to a decimal of its year.
add_epoch_to_date Add epochs to dates
guess_formats Guess formats from the supplied date-time character vector.
reclass_timespan Convenience method to reclass timespans post-modification.
as.duration Change an object to a duration.
second Get/set seconds component of a date-time.
int_overlaps Test if two intervals overlap
int_length Get the length of an interval in seconds
int_start Access and change the start date of an interval
%within% Tests whether a date or interval falls within an interval
reclass_date Convenience method to reclass dates post-modification.
time_length Compute the exact length of a time span.
hms Create a period with the specified hours, minutes, and seconds
is.difftime Is x a difftime object?
here The current time in your local timezone
as.interval Change an object to an interval.
duration Create a duration object.
force_tz Replace time zone to create new date-time
is.POSIXt Is x a POSIXct or POSIXlt object?
Period-class Period class
DateCoercion Convert a variety of date-time classes to POSIXlt and POSIXct
parse_date_time Parse character and numeric date-time vectors with user friendly order formats.
origin 1970-01-01 UTC
new_epoch Create an epoch object
olson_time_zones Names of available time zones
ymd_hms Parse dates that have hours, minutes, or seconds elements.
quick_durations Quickly create duration objects.
lakers Lakers 2008-2009 basketball data set
quick_periods Quickly create period objects.
stamp Format dates and times based on human-friendly templates.
%m+% Add and subtract months to a date without exceeding the last day of the new month
Timespan-class Timespan class
round_date Round, flour and ceiling methods for date-time objects.
is.timespan Is x a length of time?
is.instant Is x a date-time object?
Deprecated-lubridate Deprecated function in lubridate package
period_to_seconds Contrive a period to/from a given number of seconds.
int_aligns Test if two intervals share an endpoint
lubridate-package Dates and times made easy with lubridate
Interval-class Interval class
int_diff Extract the intervals within a vector of date-times
ymd Parse dates according to the order in that year, month, and day elements appear in the input vector.
am Does date time occur in the am or pm?
now The current time
week Get/set weeks component of a date-time.
date_decimal Converts a decimal to a date.
fit_to_timeline Fit a POSIXlt date-time to the timeline
rollback Roll back date to last day of previous month
ms Create a period with the specified number of minutes and seconds
quarter Get the fiscal quarter of a date-time.
tz Get/set time zone component of a date-time.
quick_epochs Quickly create common epoch objects
int_end Access and change the end date of an interval
int_standardize Ensures all intervals in an interval object are positive
leap_year Is a year a leap year?
is.Date Is x a Date object?
make_difftime Create a difftime object.
with_tz Get date-time in a different time zone
month Get/set months component of a date-time.
int_flip Flip the direction of an interval
year Get/set years component of a date-time.
period Create a period object.
pretty_dates Computes attractive axis breaks for date-time data
days_in_month Get the number of days in the month of a date-time.
Duration-class Duration class
minute Get/set minutes component of a date-time.
hour Get/set hours component of a date-time.
today The current date
timespan Description of time span classes in lubridate.
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Collate 'Dates.r' 'POSIXt.r' 'timespans.r' 'intervals.r' 'difftimes.r' 'durations.r' 'util.r' 'periods.r' 'accessors-day.r' 'accessors-dst.r' 'accessors-hour.r' 'accessors-minute.r' 'accessors-month.r' 'accessors-quarter.r' 'accessors-second.r' 'accessors-tz.r' 'accessors-week.r' 'accessors-year.r' 'am-pm.r' 'time-zones.r' 'numeric.r' 'coercion.r' 'constants.r' 'data.r' 'decimal-dates.r' 'deprecated.r' 'epochs.r' 'guess.r' 'help.r' 'instants.r' 'leap-years.r' 'ops-addition.r' 'ops-%m+%.r' 'ops-division.r' 'ops-integer-division.r' 'ops-modulo.r' 'ops-multiplication.r' 'ops-subtraction.r' 'parse.r' 'pretty.r' 'round.r' 'stamp.r' 'update.r'
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Packaged 2015-12-02 14:38:44 UTC; vspinu
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