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Make Dealing with Dates a Little Easier

Functions to work with date-times and time-spans: fast and user friendly parsing of date-time data, extraction and updating of components of a date-time (years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds), algebraic manipulation on date-time and time-span objects. The 'lubridate' package has a consistent and memorable syntax that makes working with dates easy and fun. Parts of the 'CCTZ' source code, released under the Apache 2.0 License, are included in this package. See <> for more details.



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Date-time data can be frustrating to work with in R. R commands for date-times are generally unintuitive and change depending on the type of date-time object being used. Moreover, the methods we use with date-times must be robust to time zones, leap days, daylight savings times, and other time related quirks, and R lacks these capabilities in some situations. Lubridate makes it easier to do the things R does with date-times and possible to do the things R does not.

If you are new to lubridate, the best place to start is the date and times chapter in R for data science.


# The easiest way to get lubridate is to install the whole tidyverse:

# Alternatively, install just lubridate:

# Or the the development version from GitHub:
# install.packages("devtools")


  • Easy and fast parsing of date-times: ymd(), ymd_hms, dmy(), dmy_hms, mdy(), ...

    #> [1] "2010-12-15"
    #> [1] "2017-04-01"
  • Simple functions to get and set components of a date-time, such as year(), month(), mday(), hour(), minute() and second():

    bday <- dmy("14/10/1979")
    #> [1] 10
    wday(bday, label = TRUE)
    #> [1] Sun
    #> Levels: Sun < Mon < Tue < Wed < Thu < Fri < Sat
    year(bday) <- 2016
    wday(bday, label = TRUE)
    #> [1] Fri
    #> Levels: Sun < Mon < Tue < Wed < Thu < Fri < Sat
  • Helper functions for handling time zones: with_tz(), force_tz()

    time <- ymd_hms("2010-12-13 15:30:30")
    #> [1] "2010-12-13 15:30:30 UTC"
    # Changes printing
    with_tz(time, "America/Chicago")
    #> [1] "2010-12-13 09:30:30 CST"
    # Changes time
    force_tz(time, "America/Chicago")
    #> [1] "2010-12-13 15:30:30 CST"

Lubridate also expands the type of mathematical operations that can be performed with date-time objects. It introduces three new time span classes borrowed from

  • durations, which measure the exact amount of time between two points

  • periods, which accurately track clock times despite leap years, leap seconds, and day light savings time

  • intervals, a protean summary of the time information between two points

Functions in lubridate

Name Description
hidden_aliases Internal page for hidden aliases
hour Get/set hours component of a date-time
force_tz Replace time zone to create new date-time
is.timespan Is x a length of time?
lakers Lakers 2008-2009 basketball data set
tz Get/set time zone component of a date-time
now The current time
is.instant Is x a date-time object?
week Get/set weeks component of a date-time
origin 1970-01-01 UTC
guess_formats Guess possible date-times formats from a character vector
%m+% Add and subtract months to a date without exceeding the last day of the new month
is.difftime Is x a difftime object?
fit_to_timeline Fit a POSIXlt date-time to the timeline
period Create or parse period objects
month Get/set months component of a date-time
round_date Round, floor and ceiling methods for date-time objects
is.Date Is x a Date object?
second Get/set seconds component of a date-time
parse_date_time User friendly date-time parsing functions
interval Utilities for creation and manipulation of Interval objects
make_datetime Efficient creation of date-times from numeric representations
ms Parse periods with hour, minute, and second components
lubridate-package Dates and times made easy with lubridate
is.POSIXt Is x a POSIXct or POSIXlt object?
local_time Get local time from a date-time vector.
leap_year Is a year a leap year?
reclass_timespan Convenience method to reclass timespans post-modification.
make_difftime Create a difftime object.
rollback Roll back date to last day of previous month
with_tz Get date-time in a different time zone
minute Get/set minutes component of a date-time
period_to_seconds Contrive a period to/from a given number of seconds
quarter Get the fiscal quarter and semester of a date-time
stamp Format dates and times based on human-friendly templates
%within% Tests whether a date or interval falls within an interval
reclass_date Convenience method to reclass dates post-modification.
time_length Compute the exact length of a time span
year Get/set years component of a date-time
ymd Parse dates with year, month, and day components
pretty_dates Computes attractive axis breaks for date-time data
timespan Description of time span classes in lubridate
today The current date
ymd_hms Parse date-times with year, month, and day, hour, minute, and second components.
Duration-class Duration class
Interval-class Interval class
as.duration Change an object to a duration
DateTimeUpdate Changes the components of a date object
am Does date time occur in the am or pm?
as.interval Change an object to an interval
Timespan-class Timespan class
Deprecated-lubridate Deprecated functions in the lubridate package
DateCoercion Convert a variety of date-time classes to POSIXlt and POSIXct
Period-class Period class
days_in_month Get the number of days in the month of a date-time
as_date Convert an object to a date or date-time
date_decimal Converts a decimal to a date
decimal_date Converts a date to a decimal of its year
dst Get daylight savings time indicator of a date-time
date Get/set date component of a date-time
day Get/set days component of a date-time
as.period Change an object to a period
duration Create a duration object.
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Type Package
License GPL (>= 2)
LinkingTo Rcpp,
SystemRequirements A system with zoneinfo data (e.g. /usr/share/zoneinfo) as well as a recent-enough C++11 compiler (such as g++-4.8 or later). On Windows the zoneinfo included with R is used.
VignetteBuilder knitr
LazyData true
Collate 'Dates.r' 'POSIXt.r' 'RcppExports.R' 'util.r' 'parse.r' 'timespans.r' 'intervals.r' 'difftimes.r' 'durations.r' 'periods.r' 'accessors-date.R' 'accessors-day.r' 'accessors-dst.r' 'accessors-hour.r' 'accessors-minute.r' 'accessors-month.r' 'accessors-quarter.r' 'accessors-second.r' 'accessors-tz.r' 'accessors-week.r' 'accessors-year.r' 'am-pm.r' 'time-zones.r' 'numeric.r' 'coercion.r' 'constants.r' 'data.r' 'decimal-dates.r' 'deprecated.r' 'guess.r' 'hidden.r' 'instants.r' 'leap-years.r' 'ops-addition.r' 'ops-compare.r' 'ops-division.r' 'ops-integer-division.r' 'ops-m+.r' 'ops-modulo.r' 'ops-multiplication.r' 'ops-subtraction.r' 'package.r' 'pretty.r' 'round.r' 'stamp.r' 'update.r' 'zzz.R'
RoxygenNote 6.0.1
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2018-04-10 15:18:02 UTC; vspinu
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-04-11 10:08:43 UTC

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