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Letter Value 'Boxplots'

Implements the letter value 'boxplot' which extends the standard 'boxplot' to deal with both larger and smaller number of data points by dynamically selecting the appropriate number of letter values to display.



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Letter value plots are an alternative to boxplots which extend the number of "letter value" statistics used. For large datasets, this gives you more information about the tail behaviour and displays fewer "outliers".


You can install lvplot from github with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Functions in lvplot

Name Description
LVboxplot Side-by-side LV boxplots with base graphics
ontime Ontime Flight Data
census County demographics based on 1980 US Census
drawLVplot Draw an LV plot.
lvtable Compute table of k letter values for vector x
determineDepth Determine depth of letter values needed for n observations.
geom_lv Side-by-side LV boxplots with ggplot2.
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