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Create and Investigate Magic Squares

A collection of efficient, vectorized algorithms for the creation and investigation of magic squares and hypercubes, including a variety of functions for the manipulation and analysis of arbitrarily dimensioned arrays. The package includes methods for creating normal magic squares of any order greater than 2. The ultimate intention is for the package to be a computerized embodiment all magic square knowledge, including direct numerical verification of properties of magic squares (such as recent results on the determinant of odd-ordered semimagic squares). Some antimagic functionality is included. The package also serves as a rebuttal to the often-heard comment "I thought R was just for statistics".

Functions in magic

Name Description
circulant Circulant matrices of any order
arow Generalized row and col
adiag Binds arrays corner-to-corner
magic.constant Magic constant of a magic square or hypercube
magic-package Magic squares and hypercubes; arbitrary dimensioned array manipulation
hudson Pandiagonal magic squares due to Hudson
magichypercube.4n Magic hypercubes of order 4n
is.magic Various tests for the magicness of a square
fnsd First non-singleton dimension
cilleruelo A class of multiplicative magic squares due to Cilleruelo and Luca
magicplot Joins consecutive numbers of a magic square.
magic.4np2 Magic squares of order 4n+2
magic.2np1 Magic squares of odd order
lozenge Conway's lozenge algorithm for magic squares
magic.4n Magic squares of order 4n Magic squares prime order Extracts broken diagonals
magic.product Product of two magic squares
minmax are all elements of a vector identical?
force.integer Integerize array elements
notmagic.2n An unmagic square
process Force index arrays into range
is.square.palindromic Is a square matrix square palindromic?
as.standard Standard form for magic squares
transf Frenicle's equivalent magic squares
latin Random latin squares
hadamard Hadamard matrices
hendricks A perfect magic cube due to Hendricks
allsubhypercubes Subhypercubes of magic hypercubes
magic Creates magic squares
perfectcube6 A perfect cube of order 6
recurse Recursively apply a permutation
perfectcube5 A perfect magic cube of order 5
sam Sparse antimagic squares
do.index Apply a function to array element indices
eq Comparison of two magic squares
magiccube.2np1 Magic cubes of order 2n+1
shift Shift origin of arrays and vectors
magiccubes Magic cubes of order 3
is.magichypercube magic hypercubes
is.ok does a vector have the sum required to be a row or column of a magic square?
nqueens N queens problem
panmagic.4 Panmagic squares of order 4
panmagic.6npm1 Panmagic squares of order 4n, 6n+1 and 6n-1
strachey Strachey's algorithm for magic squares
panmagic.8 Panmagic squares of order 8
subsums Sums of submatrices
magic.8 Regular magic squares of order 8
allsums Row, column, and two diagonal sums of arrays
apad Pad arrays
arev Reverses some dimensions; a generalization of rev
arot Rotates an array about two specified dimensions
Frankenstein A perfect magic cube due to Frankenstein
apl Replacements for APL functions take and drop
aplus Generalized array addition
Ollerenshaw A most perfect square due to Ollerenshaw
cube2 A pantriagonal magic cube
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Date 2018-09-14
License GPL-2
Packaged 2018-09-16 20:24:12 UTC; rhankin
NeedsCompilation no
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-09-17 09:00:08 UTC

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