Check for Updates of Corpus in Manifesto Project DB

mp_check_for_copus_update checks if the currently cached version of corpus text and metadata is older than the most recent version available via the Manifesto Project DB API.

mp_check_for_corpus_update(apikey = NULL, only_stable = TRUE)

mp_which_corpus_version(cache_env = mp_cache())

mp_which_dataset_versions(cache_env = mp_cache())

mp_update_cache(apikey = NULL, only_stable = TRUE)


API key to use. Defaults to NULL, resulting in using the API key set via mp_setapikey.


Consider only for versions marked as stable by the Manifesto Projec Team, defaults to TRUE


Cache environment


mp_update_cache checks if a new corpus version is available and loads the new version via: mp_use_corpus_version. That is, the internal cache of manifestoR will automatically be updated to newer version and all future calls to the API will request for the newer version.

Note that this versioning applies to the corpus' texts and metadata, and not the versions of the core dataset. For this see mp_coreversions


mp_update_cache returns a list with a boolean update_available and versionid, a character string identifying the most recent online version available

mp_which_corpus_version returns the current version id of the corpus and metadata stored in the cache

mp_which_dataset_versions returns the names of the main dataset versions which are in the cache, i.e. have been downloaded

mp_update_cache returns the character identifier of the version updated to

  • mp_check_for_corpus_update
  • mp_which_corpus_version
  • mp_which_dataset_versions
  • mp_update_cache
Documentation reproduced from package manifestoR, version 1.2.4, License: GPL (>= 3)

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