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Add Even More Interactivity to Interactive Charts

Like package 'manipulate' does for static graphics, this package helps to easily add controls like sliders, pickers, checkboxes, etc. that can be used to modify the input data or the parameters of an interactive chart created with package 'htmlwidgets'.

Functions in manipulateWidget

Name Description
mwCheckbox Add a checkbox to a manipulateWidget gadget
mwRadio Add radio buttons to a manipulateWidget gadget
mwPassword Add a password to a manipulateWidget gadget
mwSlider Add a Slider to a manipulateWidget gadget
mwSharedValue Shared Value
summary.MWController summary method for MWController object
mwModule Add a manipulateWidget to a shiny application
mwNumeric Add a numeric input to a manipulateWidget gadget
mwGroup Group inputs in a collapsible box
mwDateRange Add a date range picker to a manipulateWidget gadget
mwSelect Add a Select list input to a manipulateWidget gadget
mwText Add a text input to a manipulateWidget gadget
mwSelectize Add a Select list input to a manipulateWidget gadget
staticPlot Include a static image in a combinedWidgets
compareOptions Options for comparison mode
mwDate Add a date picker to a manipulateWidget gadget
MWController-class Controller object of a manipulateWidget application
mwCheckboxGroup Add a group of checkboxes to a manipulateWidget gadget
knit_print.MWController knit_print method for MWController object
manipulateWidget-package Add even more interactivity to interactive charts
combineWidgets Combine several interactive plots
manipulateWidget Add Controls to Interactive Plots
combineWidgets-shiny Shiny bindings for combineWidgets
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Type Package
License GPL (>= 2) | file LICENSE
LazyData TRUE
RoxygenNote 7.0.2
VignetteBuilder knitr
Encoding UTF-8
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2020-02-24 12:57:33 UTC; perri
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2020-02-24 18:10:02 UTC

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