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by Ray Brownrigg

Draw Geographical Maps

Display of maps. Projection code and larger maps are in separate packages (mapproj and mapdata).

Functions in maps

Name Description
internal Internally Required Functions
internal2 Internally Required Functions
us.cities Database of US cities
polygon Polygon functions Index map regions
county United States County Map
nz New Zealand Basic Map
map.axes Draw Axes on Geographical Maps
map.cities Add Cities to Existing Map
map.scale Add Scale to Existing Unprojected Map Smooth out aggregated data
world Low resolution World Map
map.text Draw a map with labeled regions
usa United States Coast Map
map.where Locate points on a map
canada.cities Database of Canadian cities
world.cities Database of world cities Identify regions on a map
ozone Sample datasets
state United States State Boundaries Map Area of projected map regions
france France Map
map Draw Geographical Maps
italy Italy Map
world2 Pacific Centric Low resolution World Map
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Date 2007-04-26
License GPL2
Packaged Thu Apr 26 10:10:53 2007; ray

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