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by Roger Bivand

tools for reading and handling shapefiles

Set of tools for manipulating and reading geographic data, in particular ESRI shapefiles; C code used from shapelib.

Functions in maptools

Name Description
write.pointShape Write a point-type shapefile
write.polylistShape Write a polygon-type shapefile
read.shape Read shapefile into Map object
maptools Report version information and changes
symbolsInPolys Place grids of points over polygons
plot.Map Plot a Map object
dotsInPolys Put dots in polygons
gpcholes Hisaji Ono's lake/hole problem
get.Pcent Polygon centroids
Map2poly Create polygon lists and bounding boxes from imported shapefiles
plot.polylist Plot polygons
subset.polylist Subset polygon list objects
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Date 2004-10-29
License GPL version 2 or later (R and interface code), MIT (shapelib code)
Packaged Wed Oct 27 18:34:53 2004; rsb

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