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by Roger Bivand

Tools for reading and handling spatial objects

Set of tools for manipulating and reading geographic data, in particular ESRI shapefiles; C code used from shapelib. It includes binary access to GSHHS shoreline files. The package also provides interface wrappers for exchanging spatial objects with packages such as PBSmapping, spatstat, maps, RArcInfo, Stata tmap, WinBUGS, Mondrian, and others.

Functions in maptools

Name Description
pal2SpatialPolygons Making SpatialPolygons objects from RArcInfo input
Rgshhs Read GSHHS data into sp object
symbolsInPolys Place grids of points over polygons
sp2WB Export SpatialPolygons object as S-Plus map for WinBUGS
getKMLcoordinates Get a list of coordinates out of a KML file
elide-methods Methods for Function elide in Package `maptools'
as.ppp coercion between sp objects and spatstat objects
maptools Report version information and changes
readShapeSpatial Read shape files into Spatial*DataFrame objects
plot.Map Plot a Map object (deprecated)
readShapePoints Read points shape files into SpatialPointsDataFrame objects
pointLabel Label placement for points to avoid overlaps
GE_SpatialGrid Create SpatialGrid for PNG output to GE
sp2tmap Convert SpatialPolygons object for Stata tmap command
sp2Mondrian write map data for Mondrian
gpcholes Hisaji Ono's lake/hole problem
read.shape Read shapefile into Map object
spChFIDs-methods change feature IDs in spatial objects
get.Pcent Polygon centroids
ppp-class Virtual class "ppp"
readShapeLines Read arc shape files into SpatialLinesDataFrame objects
readGPS GPSbabel read interface
readAsciiGrid read/write to/from (ESRI) asciigrid format
kmlLine Create and write a KML file on the basis of a given Lines object
readShapePoly Read polygon shape files into SpatialPolygonsDataFrame objects
gzAzimuth Find azimuth for geographical coordinates
write.polylistShape Write a polygon-type shapefile
dotsInPolys Put dots in polygons
subset.polylist Subset polygon list objects
wrld_simpl Simplified world country polygons
plot.polylist Plot polygons
map2SpatialPolygons Convert map objects to sp classes
kmlOverlay Create and write KML file for PNG image overlay
readSplus Read exported WinBUGS maps
checkPolygonsHoles Check holes in Polygons objects
unionSpatialPolygons Aggregate Polygons in a SpatialPolygons object
sun-methods Methods for sun ephemerides calculations
spCbind-methods cbind for spatial objects
nowrapRecenter Break polygons at meridian for recentering
kmlPolygon Create and write a KML file on the basis of a given Polygons object
write.pointShape Write a point-type shapefile
gcDestination Find destination in geographical coordinates
write.linelistShape Write a arc-type shapefile
ContourLines2SLDF Converter functions to build SpatialLinesDataFrame objects
Map2poly Create polygon lists and bounding boxes from imported shapefiles
spRbind-methods rbind for spatial objects
SpatialLines2PolySet Convert sp line and polygon objects to PBSmapping PolySet objects
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Date 2009-02-18
Encoding latin1
License GPL (>= 2)
Packaged Wed Feb 18 13:02:58 2009; rsb

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