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Interactive Viewing of Spatial Data in R

Quickly and conveniently create interactive visualisations of spatial data with or without background maps. Attributes of displayed features are fully queryable via pop-up windows. Additional functionality includes methods to visualise true- and false-color raster images, bounding boxes, small multiples and 3D raster data cubes.



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Interactive viewing of spatial data in R

mapview provides functions to very quickly and conveniently create interactive visualisations of spatial data. It was created to fill the gap of quick (not presentation grade) interactive plotting to examine and visually investigate both aspects of spatial data, the geometries and their attributes.

The main user relevant functions are:

  • mapview - view (multiple) spatial objects on a set of background maps
  • viewExtent - view extent / bounding box of spatial objects
  • viewRGB - view RGB true- or false-color images of raster objects
  • mapshot - easily save maps (including leaflet maps) as html and/or png (or other image formats)

Functions that have been deprecated/deleted recently:

  • addHomeButton - deprecated, use package leafem instead
  • addLogo - deprecated, use package leafem instead
  • addFeatures - deprecated, use package leafem instead
  • addMouseCoordinates - deprecated, use package leafem instead
  • addExtent - deprecated, use package leafem instead
  • addImageQuery - deprecated, use package leafem instead
  • latticeView & sync - deprecated, use package leafsync instead
  • slideView - deprecated, use package slideview instead
  • cubeView - deprecated, use package cubeview instead
  • plainview - deprecated, use package plainview instead
  • popupTable, popupGraph & popupImage - deprecated, use package leafpop instead
  • addLargeFeatures - use leafgl::addGL* functions instead - currently not on CRAN!

Objects of the following spatial classes are supported:

  • sf
  • raster (Layer, Stack, Brick and SpatialPixels* / SpatialGridDataFrame)
  • stars
  • sp (Points, Polygons, Lines and their DataFrame version)
  • satellite


For CRAN release version of mapview use


To install the development version install the devtools package.



The most basic call


will produce a web map visualisation of the breweries data with the following components:


Please file bug reports and feature requests at

In case of Pull Requests, please make sure to submit them to the develop branch of this repository.

Functions in mapview

Name Description
slideView slideView
addImageQuery Add image query functionality to leaflet/mapview map.
franconia Administrative district borders of Franconia
addStarsImage Add stars layer to a leaflet map
garnishMap Garnish/decorate leaflet or mapview maps.
npts count the number of points/vertices/nodes of sf objects
addLogo add a local or remote image (png, jpg, gif, bmp, ...) to a leaflet map
plainView View raster objects interactively without background map but in any CRS
mapView View spatial objects interactively
knit_print.mapview Print functions for mapview objects used in knitr
+ mapview + mapview adds data from the second map to the first
mapshot Save mapview or leaflet map as HTML and/or image
slideViewOutput Widget output function for use in Shiny
mapview-deprecated Deprecated functions in mapview
mapview-package Interactive viewing of spatial objects in R
viewExtent View extent/bbox of spatial objects interactively
viewRGB Red-Green-Blue map view of a multi-layered Raster object
addFeatures Type agnositc version of leaflet::add* functions.
cubeViewOutput Widget output function for use in Shiny
addMouseCoordinates Add mouse coordinate information at top of map.
poppendorf Landsat 8 detail of Franconian Switzerland centered on Poppendorf
addStaticLabels Add static labels to leaflet or mapview objects
addHomeButton Add a home button / zoom-to-layer button to a map.
mapviewOutput Create a mapview UI element for use with shiny
renderMapview Render a mapview widget in shiny
mapview-class Class mapview
breweries Selected breweries in Franconia
trails Selected hiking trails in Franconia
popupTable Create HTML strings for popups
coords2JSON Convert a vector/matrix of coordinates to JSON format
renderslideView Widget render function for use in Shiny
coords2Lines Convert points to SpatialLines*
cubeView View a RasterStack or RasterBrick as 3-dimensional data cube.
coords2Polygons Convert points to SpatialPolygons*
mapviewColors mapview version of leaflet::color* functions
mapviewOptions Global options for the mapview package
print,mapview-method Method for printing mapview objects
renderCubeView Widget render function for use in Shiny
latticeView View two or more (possibly synchronised) mapview or leaflet maps
show,mapview-method Method for printing mapview objects (show)
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