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by Gabor Csardi

Friendly Craftsman Who Builds Slick R Packages

Create full-featured R packages, interactively, based on a couple of questions. They will have the appropriate directory structure, a testing framework, a README file with badges, GitHub integration, etc. Mason has a simple templating system, each template is provided in a separate package. The 'mason.rpkg' package contains a generic R package and it is a good place to start.



Friendly Craftsman Who Builds Slick R Packages

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Mason builds R packages. It asks you some simple questions, fills in a template based on your answers, and creates proper metadata files, READMEs with badges, git repositories, everything you need to just start writing and committing your code.

Mason is extensible: each template is a separate R package named mason.<template>, where <template> is the name of the template. To use a new template, you need to install it first. Mason will be then able to use it immediately, without any configuration. See e.g. mason.rpkg for a generic R package template.

Mason makes sure that you get your package as quick as possible, with the least number of keystrokes: it tries to find out your username, name email address, GitHub login name, etc. from your settings, to give you reasonable defaults, so that all you need to do is press ENTER a couple of times.

Mason's role model is Yeoman.


You can install Mason and its dependencies from GitHub, using the devtools package:


You need to install at least one template as well:



Create an empty directory and make that your current directory. The new package will be created within that:


Then just call Mason with the name of the template:



MIT © Gábor Csárdi.

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