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Matrix Functions for Teaching and Learning Linear Algebra and Multivariate Statistics

A collection of matrix functions for teaching and learning matrix linear algebra as used in multivariate statistical methods. These functions are mainly for tutorial purposes in learning matrix algebra ideas using R. In some cases, functions are provided for concepts available elsewhere in R, but where the function call or name is not obvious. In other cases, functions are provided to show or demonstrate an algorithm. In addition, a collection of functions are provided for drawing vector diagrams in 2D and 3D.

Functions in matlib

Name Description
Solve Solve and Display Solutions for Systems of Linear Simultaneous Equations
matlib matlib: Matrix Functions for Teaching and Learning Linear Algebra and Multivariate Statistics.
corner Draw a corner showing the angle between two vectors
matrix2latex Convert matrix to LaTeX equation
plotEqn3d Plot Linear Equations in 3D
pointOnLine Position of a point along a line
len Length of a Vector or Column Lengths of a Matrix
showEig Show the eigenvectors associated with a covariance matrix
regvec3d Vector space representation of a two-variable regression model
showEqn Show Matrices (A, b) as Linear Equations
rowCofactors Row Cofactors of A[i,]
powerMethod Power Method for Eigenvectors
is_square_matrix Test for square matrix
vectors3d Draw 3D vectors
rowswap Interchange two rows of a matrix
echelon Echelon Form of a Matrix
rowmult Multiply Rows by Constants
printMatEqn Print Matrices or Matrix Operations Side by Side
workers Workers Data
cofactor Cofactor of A[i,j]
gaussianElimination Gaussian Elimination
rowMinors Row Minors of A[i,]
gsorth Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization of a Matrix
rowadd Add multiples of rows to other rows
class Class Data Set
plot.regvec3d Plot method for regvec3d objects
plotEqn Plot Linear Equations
vandermode Vandermode Matrix
tr Trace of a Matrix
cone3d Draw a 3D cone
minor Minor of A[i,j]
svdDemo Demonstrate the SVD for a 3 x 3 matrix
mpower Matrix Power
symMat Create a Symmetric Matrix from a Vector
vec Vectorize a Matrix
swp The Matrix Sweep Operator
vectors Draw geometric vectors in 2D
therapy Therapy Data
Det Determinant of a Square Matrix
arrows3d Draw 3D arrows
LU LU Decomposition
Inverse Inverse of a Matrix
Proj Projection of Vector y on columns of X
Eigen Eigen Decomposition of a Square Symmetric Matrix
SVD Singular Value Decomposition of a Matrix
arc Draw an arc showing the angle between vectors
J Create a vector, matrix or array of constants
buildTmat Build/Get tranformation matricies
Ginv Generalized Inverse of a Matrix
cholesky Cholesky Square Root of a Matrix
R Rank of a Matrix
QR QR Decomposition by Graham-Schmidt Orthonormalization
adjoint Calculate the Adjoint of a matrix
GramSchmidt Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization of a Matrix
angle Angle between two vectors
circle3d Draw a horizontal circle
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