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by Torsten Hothorn

Gradient Boosting for Fitting Generalized Linear, Additive and Interaction Models

Functional gradient descent algorithms for optimizing arbitrary loss functions utilizing componentwise least squares, either linear models or smoothing splines, and regression trees as base learners.

Functions in mboost

Name Description
methods Methods for Gradient Boosting Objects
boost_family-class Class "boost_family": Gradient Boosting Family
boost_dpp Data Preprocessing for Gradient Boosting
blackboost Gradient Boosting with Regression Trees
westbc Breast Cancer Gene Expression
bodyfat Prediction of Body Fat by Skinfold Thickness, Circumferences, and Bone Breadths
wpbc Wisconsin Prognostic Breast Cancer Data
glmboost Gradient Boosting with Componentwise Linear Models
Family Gradient Boosting Families
IPCweights Inverse Probability of Censoring Weights
gamboost Gradient Boosting with Componentwise Smoothing Splines
boost_control Control Hyper Parameters for Boosting Algorithms
FP Fractional Polynomials
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