mclust (version 5.4.3)

priorControl: Conjugate Prior for Gaussian Mixtures.


Specify a conjugate prior for Gaussian mixtures.


priorControl(functionName = "defaultPrior", …)



The name of the function specifying the conjugate prior. By default the function defaultPrior is used, and this can also be used as a template for alternative specification.

Optional named arguments to the function specified in functionName together with their values.


A list with the function name as the first component. The remaining components (if any) consist of a list of arguments to the function with assigned values.


The function priorControl is used to specify a conjugate prior for EM within MCLUST. Note that, as described in defaultPrior, in the multivariate case only 10 out of 14 models may be used in conjunction with a prior, i.e. those available in MCLUST up to version 4.4.


C. Fraley and A. E. Raftery (2007). Bayesian regularization for normal mixture estimation and model-based clustering. Journal of Classification 24:155-181.

See Also

mclustBIC, me, mstep, defaultPrior


Run this code
# default prior
irisBIC <- mclustBIC(iris[,-5], prior = priorControl())
summary(irisBIC, iris[,-5])

# no prior on the mean; default prior on variance
irisBIC <- mclustBIC(iris[,-5], prior = priorControl(shrinkage = 0))
summary(irisBIC, iris[,-5])
# }

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