Format Objects in HTML, show the HTML Format or Write it to a File

show_html is for showing objects in a convenient way in HTML format. write_html writes them in HTML format into a file. Both functions call the generic format_html for the format conversion.

show_html(x, output = NULL, …)
write_html(x, file, …)

format_html(x, …)

# S3 method for data.frame format_html(x, toprule=2,midrule=1,bottomrule=2, split.dec=TRUE, row.names=TRUE, digits=getOption("digits"), format="f", style=df_format_stdstyle, margin="2ex auto", …) # S3 method for matrix format_html(x, toprule=2,midrule=1,bottomrule=2, split.dec=TRUE, formatC=FALSE, digits=getOption("digits"), format="f", style=mat_format_stdstyle, margin="2ex auto", …)


an object.


character string or a function that determines how the HTML formatted object is shown.

If output is a function, it is called with the path of a (temporary) file with HTML code, e.g. RStudio's viewer function (which is available in the package rstudioapi.

If output equals "stdout", the HTML code is written to the standard output stream (for use e.g. in output produced with knitr), if "file-show", the contents of a file with the HTML code is shown via, and if "browser", the contents of a file with the HTML code is shown by the standard browser (via browseURL).

This arguments has different defaults, depending of the type of the session. In non-interactive sessions, the default is "console", in interactive sessions other than RStudio, it is "browser", in interactive sessions with RStudio it is "file-show".

These default settings can be overriden by the option "html_viewer" (see options).


character string; name or path of the file where to write the HTML code to.


integer; thickness in pixels of rule at the top of the table.


integer; thickness in pixels of rules within the table.


integer; thickness in pixels of rule at the bottom of the table.


logical; whether numbers should be centered at the decimal point by splitting the table cells.


logical; whether row names should be shown/exported.


number of digits to be shown after the decimal dot. This is only useful, if the "ftable" object was created from a table created with genTable or the like.


logical; whether to use formatC instead of format to format cell contents.


a format string for formatC


string containing the stanard CSS styling of table cells.


character string, determines the margin and thus the position of the HTML table.

other arguments, passed on to formatter functions.


format_html character string with code suitable for inclusion into a HTML-file.

  • show_html
  • format_html
  • write_html
  • df_format_stdstyle
  • mat_format_stdstyle
  • format_html.matrix
Documentation reproduced from package memisc, version, License: GPL-2

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