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General Package for Meta-Analysis

User-friendly general package providing standard methods for meta-analysis and supporting Schwarzer, Carpenter, and R<c3><bc>cker <DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-21416-0>, "Meta-Analysis with R" (2015): - fixed effect and random effects meta-analysis; - several plots (forest, funnel, Galbraith / radial, L'Abbe, Baujat, bubble); - statistical tests and trim-and-fill method to evaluate bias in meta-analysis; - import data from 'RevMan 5'; - prediction interval, Hartung-Knapp method for random effects model; - cumulative meta-analysis and leave-one-out meta-analysis; - meta-regression; - generalised linear mixed models; - produce forest plot summarising several (subgroup) meta-analyses.

Functions in meta

Name Description
ci Calculation of confidence intervals (based on normal approximation or t-distribution) Additional functions for objects of class meta
Olkin95 Thrombolytic Therapy after Acute Myocardial Infarction
Fleiss93 Aspirin after Myocardial Infarction
bubble.metareg Bubble plot to display the result of a meta-regression
cisapride Cisapride in Non-Ulcer Dispepsia
amlodipine Amlodipine for Work Capacity
drapery Drapery plot
baujat.meta Baujat plot to explore heterogeneity in meta-analysis
Fleiss93cont Mental Health Treatment
labbe.metabin L'Abb<U+00E9> plot for meta-analysis with binary outcomes
gs Get default for a meta-analysis setting.
funnel.meta Funnel plot
metabind Combine meta-analysis objects
metabin Meta-analysis of binary outcome data
forest.meta Forest plot to display the result of a meta-analysis
forest.metabind Forest plot to display the result of a meta-analysis
meta-package meta: Brief overview of methods and general hints
metabias.meta Test for funnel plot asymmetry
metabias.rm5 Cochrane review: Test for funnel plot asymmetry
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