A package for planning and analysis of amplicon metagenomics research projects.


The goal of the metacoder package is to provide a set of tools for:

  • Standardized parsing of taxonomic information from diverse resources.
  • A set of functions to manipulate taxonomic data modeled after dplyr.
  • Visualization of statistics distributed over taxonomic classifications and phylogenies.
  • Evaluating potential metabarcoding primers for taxonomic specificity.
  • Evaluating potential metabarcoding loci for taxonomic discrimiation (in development).

To accomplish these goals, `metacoder` leverages resources from other R packages, interfaces with external programs, and provides novel functions where needed to allow for entire analyses within R.

To learn how to use the package and what it can do view the package vignettes by typing: browseVignettes("metacoder")


The full documentation can be found online at There is also a short vignette included for offline use that can be accessed by the following code: browseVignettes(package = "metacoder")

Most important functions

Parseing taxonomy information:

Dplyr-style manipulations of taxonomic data: Taxonomically balanced sub-sampling: Plotting taxonomic distribution of data: In silico PCR:

  • metacoder
  • metacoder-package
Documentation reproduced from package metacoder, version 0.1.2, License: GPL-2 | GPL-3

Community examples

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