Formal Methods and Classes

Formally defined methods and classes for R objects, plus other programming tools, as described in the references.

package, methods

This package provides the ‘S4’ or ‘S version 4’ approach to methods and classes in a functional language.

See the documentation entries Classes, Methods, and GenericFunctions for general discussion of these topics, at a fairly technical level. Links from those pages, and the documentation of setClass and setMethod cover the main programming tools needed.

For a complete list of functions and classes, use library(help="methods").


Chambers, John M. (2008) Software for Data Analysis: Programming with R Springer. (For the R version.)

Chambers, John M. (1998) Programming with Data Springer (For the original S4 version.)

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Documentation reproduced from package methods, version 3.3.0, License: Part of R 3.3.0

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