methods v3.5.2

Formal Methods and Classes

Formally defined methods and classes for R objects, plus other programming tools, as described in the reference.

Functions in methods

Name Description
Methods_for_S3 Methods For S3 and S4 Dispatch
MethodsList-class Class MethodsList, Defunct Representation of Methods
Methods_for_Nongenerics Methods for Non-Generic Functions in Other Packages
Introduction Basic use of S4 Methods and Classes
S3Part S4 Classes that Contain S3 Classes
findMethods Description of the Methods Defined for a Generic Function
fixPre1.8 Fix Objects Saved from R Versions Previous to 1.8
RMethodUtils Method Utilities
Methods_Details General Information on Methods
as Force an Object to Belong to a Class
nonStructure-class A non-structure S4 Class for basic types
MethodDefinition-class Classes to Represent Method Definitions
MethodSupport Additional (Support) Functions for Methods
S4groupGeneric S4 Group Generic Functions
callNextMethod Call an Inherited Method
promptClass Generate a Shell for Documentation of a Formal Class
show Show an Object
makeClassRepresentation Create a Class Definition
className Class names including the corresponding package
classRepresentation-class Class Objects
callGeneric Call the Current Generic Function from a Method
MethodWithNext-class Class MethodWithNext
Methods S4 Class Documentation
MethodsList MethodsList Objects
SClassExtension-class Class to Represent Inheritance (Extension) Relations
StructureClasses Classes Corresponding to Basic Structures
canCoerce Can an Object be Coerced to a Certain S4 Class?
TraceClasses Classes Used Internally to Control Tracing
cbind2 Combine two Objects by Columns or Rows
classesToAM Compute an Adjacency Matrix for Superclasses of Class Definitions
genericFunction-class Generic Function Objects
dotsMethods The Use of ... in Method Signatures
isSealedMethod Check for a Sealed Method or Class
is Is an Object from a Class?
inheritedSlotNames Names of Slots Inherited From a Super Class
getClass Get Class Definition
ObjectsWithPackage-class A Vector of Object Names, with associated Package Names
initialize-methods Methods to Initialize New Objects from a Class
methods-defunct Defunct Functions in Package methods
languageEl Elements of Language Objects
RClassUtils Utilities for Managing Class Definitions
removeMethod Remove a Method
evalSource Use Function Definitions from a Source File without Reinstalling a Package
findClass Find Class Definitions
hasArg Look for an Argument in the Call
implicitGeneric Manage Implicit Versions of Generic Functions
methods-deprecated Deprecated Functions in Package methods
method.skeleton Create a Skeleton File for a New Method
representation Construct a Representation or a Prototype for a Class Definition
selectSuperClasses Super Classes (of Specific Kinds) of a Class
getMethod Get or Test for the Definition of a Method
methodUtilities Utility Functions for Methods and S-Plus Compatibility
setAs Methods for Coercing an Object to a Class
promptMethods Generate a Shell for Documentation of Formal Methods
slot The Slots in an Object from a Formal Class
envRefClass-class Class "envRefClass"
LocalReferenceClasses Localized Objects based on Reference Classes
ReferenceClasses Objects With Fields Treated by Reference (OOP-style)
getPackageName The Name associated with a Given Package
setClass Create a Class Definition
setClassUnion Classes Defined as the Union of Other Classes
setIs Specify a Superclass Explicitly
setLoadActions Set Actions For Package Loading
signature-class Class "signature" For Method Definitions
testInheritedMethods Test for and Report about Selection of Inherited Methods
showMethods Show all the methods for the specified function(s) or class
substituteDirect SubstituteDirect
methods-package Formal Methods and Classes
validObject Test the Validity of an Object
.BasicFunsList List of Builtin and Special Functions
new Generate an Object from a Class
setGeneric Create a Generic Version of a Function
setGroupGeneric Create a Group Generic Version of a Function
setMethod Create and Save a Method
setOldClass Register Old-Style (S3) Classes and Inheritance
language-class Classes to Represent Unevaluated Language Objects
BasicClasses Classes Corresponding to Basic Data Types
Classes S4 Class Documentation
LinearMethodsList-class Class "LinearMethodsList"
GenericFunctions Tools for Managing Generic Functions
Classes_Details Class Definitions
Documentation Using and Creating On-line Documentation for Classes and Methods
EmptyMethodsList-class Internal Class representing Empty Methods List
environment-class Class "environment"
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Priority base
References John M. Chambers (2008) ``Software for Data Analysis: Programming with R''; Springer NY.
License Part of R 3.5.2
NeedsCompilation yes
suggests codetools
imports stats , utils
Contributors R team

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