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Microplots (Sparklines) in 'LaTeX', 'Word', 'HTML', 'Excel'

The microplot function writes a set of R graphics files to be used as microplots (sparklines) in tables in either 'LaTeX', 'HTML', 'Word', or 'Excel' files. For 'LaTeX', we provide methods for the Hmisc::latex() generic function to construct 'latex' tabular environments which include the graphs. These can be used directly with the operating system 'pdflatex' or 'latex' command, or by using one of 'Sweave', 'knitr', 'rmarkdown', or 'Emacs org-mode' as an intermediary. For 'MS Word', the msWord() function uses the 'flextable' package to construct 'Word' tables which include the graphs. There are several distinct approaches for constructing HTML files. The simplest is to use the msWord() function with argument filetype="html". Alternatively, use either 'Emacs org-mode' or the htmlTable::htmlTable() function to construct an 'HTML' file containing tables which include the graphs. See the documentation for our as.htmlimg() function. For 'Excel' use on 'Windows', the file examples/irisExcel.xls includes 'VBA' code which brings the individual panels into individual cells in the spreadsheet. Examples in the examples and demo subdirectories are shown with 'lattice' graphics, 'ggplot2' graphics, and 'base' graphics. Examples for 'LaTeX' include 'Sweave' (both 'LaTeX'-style and 'Noweb'-style), 'knitr', 'emacs org-mode', and 'rmarkdown' input files and their 'pdf' output files. Examples for 'HTML' include 'org-mode' and 'Rmd' input files and their webarchive 'HTML' output files. In addition, the as.orgtable() function can display a data.frame in an 'org-mode' document. The examples for 'MS Word' (with either filetype="docx" or filetype="html") work with all operating systems. The package does not require the installation of 'LaTeX' or 'MS Word' to be able to write '.tex' or '.docx' files.

Functions in microplot

Name Description
microplot-package Display microplots (sparklines) from R graphics panels in tables in 'LaTeX', 'Word', 'HTML', 'Excel'.
latex.trellis Display a table in 'latex' containing panels from R graphs in its cells.
microplot Take a trellis or ggplot object, or graphicsList object (list of trellis or ggplot objects), and generate a set of graphics files, one per panel of a multi-panel display.
microplotAttrDisplay Specify how to display the microplots for x.axis, y.axis, xlab, ylab, and key.
msWord Display a table in 'MS Word' containing panels from R graphs in its cells.
as.orgfile Place a filename or filepath in the format used by org-mode
latexSetOptions Set the options for use of latex; check whether the options for latex functions have been specified.
theme_collapse Set the ggplot2 theme to remove all marginal space.
show.latexConsole Revisions of Hmisc latex and dvi functions that display the generated latex file on screen and divert the console log to a file. New print methods that display Operating System files (ps, docx, html) on screen.
layoutCollapse Set the lattice par.settings to remove all marginal space.
microplot-internal Internal microplot functions
toxicity Simulated toxicity data. Dataset is used in demo("tablesPlusGraphicColumn").
as.orgtable Prepare a matrix or data.frame to be used as an org-mode table
graphicsList Convert a list of "trellis" objects or list of "ggplot" objects into a "graphicslist" object.
dir.verify Verifies existence of, or creates, a directory.
cc176.y.adj Adjusted response values and their five number summaries by treatment level for one model using the cc176 dataset. This dataset is used in two demos: "bwplot" and "boxplot-ggplot".
LegendrePolyMatrices Legendre Orthogonal Polynomials for various values of alpha and beta. The dataset is used in the demo("LegendrePolynomials").
latex.AEdotplot Display the AE (Adverse Events) dotplot of incidence and relative risk from the HH package in a 'LaTeX' tabular environment or in an 'MS Word' or an 'HTML' table.
formatDF Format a Data Frame or Matrix for LaTeX or HTML.
as.includegraphics Convert a filename into a complete 'LaTeX' \includegraphics expression for use with 'LaTeX' \includegraphics macro in the graphicx package. This is used for pdf and png files with the system pdflatex command. This is used for ps files with the system latex command.
as.htmlimg Place a filename or filepath in the format used by HTML
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Type Package
Date 2018-08-18
License GPL (>= 2)
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2018-08-19 03:50:23 UTC; rmh
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-08-19 05:10:02 UTC

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