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Migration indices

This package provides various indices, like Crude Migration Rate, different Gini indices or the Coefficient of Variation among others, to show the (un)equality of migration.

Functions in migration.indices

Name Description
check.migration.matrix Check Migration Matrix
migration.gini.exchange Exchange Gini Index
migration.gini.out Out-migration Field Gini Index
migration.gini.row Rows Gini Index
migration.weighted.gini.out Migration-weighted Out-migration Gini Index
migration.acv.in Aggregated In-migration Coefficient of Variation
migration.connectivity Migration Connectivity Index
migration.gini Spatial Gini Indexes
migration.acv.out Aggregated Out-migration Coefficient of Variation
migration.cv.out Out-migration Coefficient of Variation
migration.gini.exchange.standardized Standardized Exchange Gini Index
migration.cv.in In-migration Coefficient of Variation
migration.gini.col.standardized Standardized Columns Gini Index
migration.world Global Bilateral Migration Database (2000)
migration.inequality Migration Inequality Index
migration.field.diagram Joint plot for in and out-migration fields
migration.cmr Crude Migration Rate
migration.gini.in In-migration Field Gini Index
migration.weighted.gini.in Migration-weighted In-migration Gini Index
migration.gini.col Columns Gini Index
migration.gini.row.standardized Standardized Rows Gini Index
migration.weighted.gini.mean Migration-weighted Mean Gini Index
migration.indices Migration indices
migration.effectiveness Migration Effectiveness Index
migration.acv Aggregated System-wide Coefficient of Variation
migration.hyp Hypotetical Migration Matrix
migration.gini.total Total Flows Gini Index
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License AGPL-3
BugReports https://github.com/daroczig/migration.indices/issues
LazyData no
Type Package
URL http://github.com/daroczig/migration.indices
Date 2013-06-18
Encoding UTF-8
Collate 'gini.R' 'migration.indices.R' 'crude.R' 'others.R' 'acv.R' 'graph.R'
Packaged 2013-10-07 06:59:08 UTC; daroczig
NeedsCompilation no
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2013-10-07 09:09:13

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