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Miscellaneous 3D Plots

A collection of miscellaneous 3d plots, including isosurfaces.

Functions in misc3d

Name Description
contour3d Draw an Isosurface, a Three Dimension Contour Plot
slices3d Interactive Image Slices of 3D or 4D Volume Data
parametric3d Draw a 3D Parametric Plot
lighting Lighting Functions
linesTetrahedra Create a Set of Lines with Tetrahetra Centered at Points along the Lines
kde3d Compute a Three Dimension Kernel Density Estimate
surfaceTriangles Create a Triangle Mesh Representing a Surface
pointsTetrahedra Create a Set of Tetrahetra Centered at Data Points
drawScene Rendering of Triangular Mesh Surface Data
image3d Draw Points on a 3D Grid
teapot Utah Teapot
computeContour3d Compute Isosurface, a Three Dimension Contour
triangles Triangle Mesh Functions
exportScene Writing Out Triangular Mesh Scenes
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License GPL
Packaged 2013-01-25 14:23:34 UTC; luke
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2013-01-25 15:57:56
suggests MASS , rgl , tkrplot
Contributors Dai Feng, Luke Tierney

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