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Machine Learning Benchmark Problems

A collection of artificial and real-world machine learning benchmark problems, including, e.g., several data sets from the UCI repository.

Functions in mlbench

Name Description
Soybean Soybean Database Circle in a Square Problem
Ionosphere Johns Hopkins University Ionosphere database
BostonHousing Boston Housing Data
mlbench.smiley The Smiley
Ozone Los Angeles ozone pollution data, 1976
mlbench.cassini Cassini: A 2 Dimensional Problem
mlbench.threenorm Threenorm Benchmark Problem
mlbench.twonorm Twonorm Benchmark Problem
mlbench.spirals Two Spirals Benchmark Problem
mlbench.peak Peak Benchmark Problem
mlbench.xor Continuous XOR Benchmark Problem
DNA Primate splice-junction gene sequences (DNA)
mlbench.friedman1 Benchmark Problem Friedman 1
Servo Servo Data
Vehicle Vehicle Silhouettes
Glass Glass Identification Database
mlbench.friedman2 Benchmark Problem Friedman 2
bayesclass Bayes classifier
BreastCancer Wisconsin Breast Cancer Database
LetterRecognition Letter Image Recognition Data
Sonar Sonar, Mines vs. Rocks
Shuttle Shuttle Dataset (Statlog version)
mlbench.cuboids Cuboids: A 3 Dimensional Problem
mlbench.ringnorm Ringnorm Benchmark Problem
PimaIndiansDiabetes Pima Indians Diabetes Database
plot.mlbench Plot mlbench objects
Vowel Vowel Recognition (Deterding data)
mlbench.waveform Waveform Database Generator (written in C) Convert an mlbench object to a dataframe
Satellite Landsat Multi-Spectral Scanner Image Data
HouseVotes84 United States Congressional Voting Records 1984
mlbench.friedman3 Benchmark Problem Friedman 3
mlbench.2dnormals 2-dimensional Gaussian Problem
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Date 2004-02-03
License Free for non-commercial purposes. See the file README and the help pages of the data sets for details.
Packaged Tue Feb 3 11:51:28 2004; leisch

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