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by Steve Walker

Examples from Multilevel Modelling Software Review

Data and examples from a multilevel modelling software review as well as other well-known data sets from the multilevel modelling literature.

Functions in mlmRev

Name Description
Socatt Social Attitudes Survey
Exam Exam scores from inner London
Early Early childhood intervention study
Oxboys Heights of Boys in Oxford
ScotsSec Scottish secondary school scores
guImmun Immunization in Guatemala
Mmmec Malignant melanoma deaths in Europe
Chem97 Scores on A-level Chemistry in 1997
s3bbx Covariates in the Rodriguez and Goldman simulation
egsingle US Sustaining Effects study
bdf Language Scores of 8-Graders in The Netherlands
guPrenat Prenatal care in Guatemala
star Student Teacher Achievement Ratio (STAR) project data
s3bby Responses simulated by Rodriguez and Goldman
Contraception Contraceptive use in Bangladesh
Hsb82 High School and Beyond - 1982
Gcsemv GCSE exam score
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Vignettes of mlmRev

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Date 2020-04-04
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Date/Publication 2020-04-05 04:50:05 UTC

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