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Helper Functions for 'mlr3'

Frequently used helper functions and assertions used in 'mlr3' and its companion packages. Comes with helper functions for functional programming, for printing, to work with 'data.table', as well as some generally useful 'R6' classes. This package also supersedes the package 'BBmisc'.



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Miscellaneous helper functions for mlr3.

Functions in mlr3misc

Name Description
cross_join Cross-Join for data.table
as_short_string Convert R Object to a Descriptive String
compat-map Apply Functions in the spirit of 'purrr'
enframe Convert a Named Vector Into A data.table
Dictionary Key-Value Storage
load_dataset Retrieve a Single Data Set
map_values Replace Elements of Vectors with New Values
named_list Create a Named List
compute_mode Compute The Mode
names2 A Type-Stable names() Replacement
invoke Invoke a Function Call
str_trunc Truncate Strings
str_indent Indent Strings
insert_named Insert or Remove Named Elements
has_element Check if an Object is Element of a List
is_scalar_na Check for a Single Scalar Value
rcbind Bind Columns by Reference
printf Functions for Formatted Output and Conditions
%nin% Negated in-operator
shuffle Safe Version of Sample
unnest Unnest List Data Table Columns
get_seed Get the Random Seed
set_names Set Names
formulate Create Formulas
set_class Set the Class
which_min Index of the Minimum/Maximum Value, with ties correction
str_collapse Collapse Strings
topo_sort Topological Sorting of Dependency Graphs
transpose_list Transpose lists of lists
require_namespaces Require Multiple Namespaces
mlr3misc-package mlr3misc: Helper Functions for 'mlr3'
modify_if Selectively Modify Elements of a Vector
sequence_helpers Sequence Construction Helpers
rowwise_table Row-Wise Constructor for 'data.table'
did_you_mean Suggest Alternatives
extract_vars Extract Variables from a Formula
chunk_vector Chunk Vectors
as_factor Convert to Factor
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License LGPL-3
Encoding UTF-8
NeedsCompilation no
RoxygenNote 6.1.1
Packaged 2019-07-09 16:39:53 UTC; michel
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2019-07-10 12:20:44 UTC

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