Impute features by a constant value.


R6Class object inheriting from PipeOpImpute/PipeOp.


PipeOpImputeConstant$new(id = "imputeconstant", param_vals = list())
  • id :: character(1) Identifier of resulting object, default "imputeconstant".

  • param_vals :: named list List of hyperparameter settings, overwriting the hyperparameter settings that would otherwise be set during construction. Default list().

Input and Output Channels

Input and output channels are inherited from PipeOpImpute.

The output is the input Task with all affected features missing values imputed by the value of the constant parameter.


The $state is a named list with the $state elements inherited from PipeOpImpute.

The $state$model contains the value of the constant parameter that is used for imputation.


The parameters are the parameters inherited from PipeOpImpute, as well as:

  • constant :: atomic(1) The constant value that should be used for the imputation, atomic vector of length 1. The atomic mode must match the type of the features that will be selected by the affect_columns parameter and this will be checked during imputation. Initialized to ".MISSING".

  • check_levels :: logical(1) Should be checked whether the constant value is a valid level of factorial features (i.e., it already is a level)? Raises an error if unsuccesful. This check is only performed for factorial features (i.e., factor, ordered; skipped for character). Initialized to TRUE.


Adds an explicit new level to factor and ordered features, but not to character features, if check_levels is FALSE and the level is not already present.


Only methods inherited from PipeOpImpute/PipeOp.

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  • mlr_pipeops_imputeconstant
  • PipeOpImputeConstant

task = tsk("pima")

# impute missing values of the numeric feature "glucose" by the constant value -999
po = po("imputeconstant", param_vals = list(
  constant = -999, affect_columns = selector_name("glucose"))
new_task = po$train(list(task = task))[[1]]
new_task$data(cols = "glucose")[[1]]
# }
Documentation reproduced from package mlr3pipelines, version 0.3.1, License: LGPL-3

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