modTempEff (version 1.5.2)

seas: Specifying a smooth long term trend within a `modTempEff' model


Function employed within the tempeff formula to specify the variable with a smooth effect. The function does not fit the model, it simply returns information exploited by tempeff.


seas(x, ndx = stop("please, provide `ndx' in seas()"))


the long term trend variable
the apparent dimension (i.e. the rank) of the B-spline employed to model the long trend. For instance it could be min(40,n/4) where n is the time series length.


A list with relevant information.


The function is used within the formula of tempeff() when the long term trend of the daily time series is fitted via a smooth term. A standard P-spline with a cubic B-spline basis and a second-order difference penalty is employed.


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See Also

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