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by Hadley Wickham

Modelling Functions that Work with the Pipe

Functions for modelling that help you seamlessly integrate modelling into a pipeline of data manipulation and visualisation.



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The goal of modelr is to provide functions that help you create elegant pipelines when modelling.


You can install modelr from github with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Functions in modelr

Name Description
crossv_mc Generate cross-validated test-training pairs
add_predictors Add predictors to a formula
data_grid Generate a data grid.
geom_ref_line Add a reference line (ggplot2).
formulas Create a list of formulas
bootstrap Generate n bootstrap replicates.
fit_with Fit a list of formulas
add_predictions Add predictions to a data frame
heights Height and income data.
add_residuals Add residuals to a data frame
model_matrix Construct a design matrix
resample_bootstrap Generate a boostrap replicate
resample A "lazy" resample.
model-quality Compute model quality for a given dataset
resample_partition Generate an exclusive partitioning of a data frame
na.warn Handle missing values with a warning
seq_range Generate a sequence over the range of a vector
%>% Pipe operator
typical Find the typical value
sim Simple simulated datasets
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