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Model-Based Sliced Inverse Regression

An R package for dimension reduction based on finite Gaussian mixture modeling of inverse regression.

Functions in msir

Name Description
plot.msir Plot method for 'msir' objects.
msir.permutation.test Permutation test for dimensionality Local Polynomial Regression Fitting with Variability bands
msir-package Model-based Sliced Inverse Regression (MSIR)
summary.msir Summary and print methods for 'msir' objects
msir.slices Slice a vector into slices of approximately equal size
msir.regularizedSigma Regularized estimate of predictors covariance matrix.
msir.dir Model-based Sliced Inverse Regression directions
msir.nslices Default number of slices
msir.bic BIC-type criterion for dimensionality
msir Model-based Sliced Inverse Regression (MSIR)
msir-internal Internal 'msir' functions
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Type Package
Date 2016-04-07
License GPL (>= 2)
Repository CRAN
ByteCompile true
LazyLoad yes
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2016-04-07 09:38:15 UTC; luca
Date/Publication 2016-04-07 14:06:05

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