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by Torsten Hothorn

Simultaneous Inference for General Linear Hypotheses

Simultaneous tests and confidence intervals for general linear hypotheses in parametric models, including linear, generalized linear, linear mixed effects, and survival models.

Functions in multcomp

Name Description
multcomp-deprecated Deprecated Functions multcomp Package
modelparm Generic Accessor Function for Model Parameters
contrMat Contrast Matrices
glht-methods Methods for General Linear Hypotheses
glht General Linear Hypotheses
litter Litter Weights Data Set
recovery Recovery Time Data Set
detergent Detergent Durability Data Set
waste Industrial Waste Data Set
cholesterol Cholesterol Reduction Data Set
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Date 2006-10-16
LazyData yes
License GPL
Packaged Mon Oct 23 10:39:01 2006; hothorn

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