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Mode Testing and Exploring

Different examples and methods for testing (including different proposals described in Ameijeiras-Alonso et al., 2018 <DOI:10.1007/s11749-018-0611-5>) and exploring (including the mode tree, mode forest and SiZer) the number of modes using nonparametric techniques.

Functions in multimode

Name Description
nmodes Number of modes
multimode-package Mode testing and exploring.
modetree Mode tree
plot.gtmod Plot, print and summarize a "gtmod" object
galaxy Velocities of galaxies diverging away from our own galaxy
sizer SIgnificant ZERo crossing
stamps Stamps thickness
chondrite Percentage of silica in chondrite meteors
geyser Waiting time between geyser eruptions
locmodes Location of modes and antimodes
enzyme Blood enzymatic activity
modeforest Mode forest
bw.crit Critical bandwidth
excessmass Excess mass
acidity Acid--neutralizing capacity
modetest Test for the number of modes
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