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Multivariate Polynomials

Various utilities to manipulate multivariate polynomials.

Functions in multipol

Name Description
deriv Partial differentitation
multipol Coerce and test for multipols
constant Various useful multivariate polynomials
as.function.multipol Coerce a multipol to a function
as.array Coerce multipols to arrays
Ops.multipol Arithmetic ops group methods for multipols
polyprod Multivariate polynomial product
Extract.multipol Extract or Replace Parts of a multipol
print.multipol Print method for multipols
ooom One over one minus a multipol
put Substitute a value for a variable
is.constant Is a multivariate polynomial constant or zero?
multipol-package Multivariate polynomials
trim Remove redundant entries from a multipol
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Type Package
Date 2018-03-19
License GPL
Packaged 2018-03-19 02:47:15 UTC; rhankin
NeedsCompilation no
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-03-20 12:01:33 UTC
depends abind
suggests polynom
Contributors Robin S. Hankin

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