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Interface to Unidata netCDF (Version 4 or Earlier) Format Data Files

Provides a high-level R interface to data files written using Unidata's netCDF library (version 4 or earlier), which are binary data files that are portable across platforms and include metadata information in addition to the data sets. Using this package, netCDF files (either version 4 or "classic" version 3) can be opened and data sets read in easily. It is also easy to create new netCDF dimensions, variables, and files, in either version 3 or 4 format, and manipulate existing netCDF files. This package replaces the former ncdf package, which only worked with netcdf version 3 files. For various reasons the names of the functions have had to be changed from the names in the ncdf package. The old ncdf package is still available at the URL given below, if you need to have backward compatibility. It should be possible to have both the ncdf and ncdf4 packages installed simultaneously without a problem. However, the ncdf package does not provide an interface for netcdf version 4 files.

Functions in ncdf4

Name Description
nc_create Create a netCDF File
print.ncdf4 Print Information About a netCDF File
nc_enddef Takes a netCDF file out of define mode
ncatt_get Get attribute from netCDF file
ncdf4-internal Internal ncdf4 functions
ncatt_put Put an attribute into a netCDF file
nc_close Close a netCDF File
ncdim_def Define a netCDF Dimension
ncvar_add Add New netCDF Variable to Existing File
nc_sync Synchronize (flush to disk) a netCDF File
ncvar_put Write data to a netCDF file
ncdf4-package Read, write, and create netCDF files (including version 4 format)
nc_version Report version of ncdf4 library
ncvar_rename Rename an Existing Variable in a netCDF File
ncvar_get Read data from a netCDF file
ncvar_def Define a netCDF Variable
nc_redef Puts a netCDF file back into define mode
nc_open Open a netCDF File
ncvar_change_missval Change the Missing Value For a netCDF Variable
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Date 2017-04-01
SystemRequirements netcdf library version 4.1 or later
License GPL (>= 3)
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2019-03-11 08:43:47 UTC; ripley
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2019-03-11 11:39:16 UTC
Contributors David Pierce

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