netmeta: Brief overview of methods and general hints

R package netmeta provides frequentist methods for network meta-analysis and supports Schwarzer et al. (2015), Chapter 8 on network meta-analysis


R package netmeta is an add-on package for meta providing the following meta-analysis methods:

  • frequentist network meta-analysis (function netmeta) based on R<U+00FC>cker (2012);

  • net heat plot (netheat) and design-based decomposition of Cochran's Q ( described in Krahn et al. (2013);

  • measures characterizing the flow of evidence between two treatments (netmeasures) described in K<U+00F6>nig et al. (2013);

  • ranking of treatments (netrank) based on frequentist analogue of SUCRA (R<U+00FC>cker & Schwarzer, 2015);

  • partial order of treatment rankings (netposet, plot.netposet) and Hasse diagram (hasse) according to Carlsen & Bruggemann (2014);

  • split direct and indirect evidence (netsplit) to check for consistency (Dias et al., 2010);

  • league table with network meta-analysis results (netleague);

  • automated drawing of network graphs (netgraph) described in R<U+00FC>cker & Schwarzer (2016).

Furthermore, functions and datasets from netmeta are utilised in Schwarzer et al. (2015), Chapter 8 "Network Meta-Analysis",

Type help(package = "netmeta") for a listing of R functions available in netmeta.

Type citation("netmeta") on how to cite netmeta in publications.

To report problems and bugs

  • type = "netmeta") if you do not use RStudio,

  • send an email to Guido Schwarzer if you use RStudio.

The development version of netmeta is available on GitHub


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  • netmeta-package
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