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by Dianne Cook

Tools for Graphical Inference

Tools for visual inference. Generate null data sets and null plots using permutation and simulation. Calculate distance metrics for a lineup, and examine the distributions of metrics.

Functions in nullabor

Name Description
calc_mean_dist Calculating the mean distances of each plot in the lineup.
null_dist Generate null data with a specific distribution.
distplot Plotting the distribution of the distance measure
resid_rotate Rotation residuals.
add_true Add true data into data frame containing null data sets.
null_permute Generate null data by permuting a variable.
opt_bin_diff Finds the number of bins in x and y direction which gives the maximum binned distance.
null_lm Generate null data with null residuals from a model.
resid_sigma Residuals simulated by a normal model, with specified sigma
sep_dist Distance based on separation of clusters
resid_boot Bootstrap residuals.
resid_pboot Parametric bootstrap residuals.
distmet Empirical distribution of the distance
bin_dist Binned Distance
lineup The line-up protocol.
calc_diff Calculating the difference between true plot and the null plot with the maximum distance.
lal Los Angeles Lakers play-by-play data.
decrypt Use decrypt to reveal the position of the real data.
box_dist Distance based on side by side Boxplots for two levels
rorschach The Rorschach protocol.
find_plot_data Find plot data. If data is not specified, this function will attempt to find the data corresponding to the last ggplot2 created or displayed. This will work in most situations where you are creating the plot and immediately displaying it, but may not work in other situations. In those cases, please specify the data explicitly.
null_gen Computing th distance for the null plots
uni_dist Distance for univariate data
reg_dist Distance based on the regression parameters
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