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Flights that Departed NYC in 2013

Airline on-time data for all flights departing NYC in 2013. Also includes useful 'metadata' on airlines, airports, weather, and planes.



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This package contains information about all flights that departed from NYC (e.g. EWR, JFK and LGA) in 2013: 336,776 flights in total. To help understand what causes delays, it also includes a number of other useful datasets. This package provides the following data tables.

  • flights: all flights that departed from NYC in 2013
  • weather: hourly meterological data for each airport
  • planes: construction information about each plane
  • airports: airport names and locations
  • airlines: translation between two letter carrier codes and names

If you're interested in other subsets of flight data, see:

  • nycflights for flights departing from from NYC in the last year.

  • anyflights for flights departing from any airport in any year.

  • airlines to maintain a local SQL database of all flight departure data.

Functions in nycflights13

Name Description
flights Flights data
airlines Airline names.
planes Plane metadata.
weather Hourly weather data
airports Airport metadata
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Packaged 2018-06-26 17:30:08 UTC; hadley
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Date/Publication 2018-06-26 17:39:38 UTC
suggests dplyr
depends R (>= 2.10)
imports tibble
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