oligo (version 1.36.1)

FeatureSet-class: "FeatureSet" and "FeatureSet" Extensions


Classes to store data from Expression/Exon/SNP/Tiling arrays at the feature level.


Objects from the Class

The FeatureSet class is VIRTUAL. Therefore users are not able to create instances of such class.

Objects for FeatureSet-like classes can be created by calls of the form: new(CLASSNAME, assayData, manufacturer, platform, exprs, phenoData, featureData, experimentData, annotation, ...). But the preferred way is using parsers like read.celfiles and read.xysfiles.

See Also

eSet, VersionedBiobase, Versioned


Run this code
tmp <- 2^matrix(rnorm(100), ncol=4)
rownames(tmp) <- 1:25
colnames(tmp) <- paste("sample", 1:4, sep="")
efs <- new("ExpressionFeatureSet", exprs=tmp)

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