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Octonions and Quaternions

Quaternions and Octonions are four- and eight- dimensional extensions of the complex numbers. They are normed division algebras over the real numbers and find applications in spatial rotations (quaternions) and string theory and relativity (octonions). The quaternions are noncommutative and the octonions nonassociative. See RKS Hankin 2006, Rnews Volume 6/2: 49-51, and the package vignette, for more details.

Functions in onion

Name Description
Norm Norm and modulus of an onionic vector
O1 Unit onions
as.matrix.onion Coerces an onionic vector into a matrix
threeform Various non-field diagnostics
c.onion Combine onionic vectors into a single vector
condense.onion Condense an onionic vector into a short form
str.onion Compactly display an onion
sum.onion Sum of onionic vectors
Ops.onion Arithmetic Ops Group Methods for Octonions
Re Octonion components
length.onion Length of an octonionic vector
names.onion Names of an onionic vector
print.onion Print method for onions
prods Various products of two onionic vectors
biggest Returns the biggest type of a set of onions
bunny The Stanford Bunny
onion-package Manipulation of quaternions and octonions
onion Basic onion functions
Conj.onion Onionic conjugation
Extract.onion Extract or Replace Parts of an onion
cumsum.onion Cumulative sums for onions
p3d Three dimensional plotting
plot.onion Plot onions
rotate Rotates 3D vectors using quaternions
seq.onion seq method for onions
dotprod Euclidean even product
rep.onion Replicate elements of onionic vectors
roct Random onionic vector
t.onion Onion transpose
exp Elementary transcendental functions
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Date 2017-07-10
LazyData TRUE
License GPL
Packaged 2017-07-10 22:17:07 UTC; rhankin
NeedsCompilation yes
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2017-07-11 05:25:03 UTC
depends R (>= 2.10)
Contributors Robin S. Hankin

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