packrat (version 0.5.0)

snapshot: Capture and store the packages and versions in use


Finds the packages in use in the project, and stores a list of those packages, their sources, and their current versions in packrat.


snapshot(project = NULL, available = NULL, lib.loc = libDir(project),
  ignore.stale = FALSE, = FALSE, prompt = interactive(),
  snapshot.sources = TRUE, infer.dependencies = TRUE)



The project directory. Defaults to current working directory.


A database of available packages.


The library to snapshot. Defaults to the private library associated with the given directory.


Stale packages are packages that are different from the last snapshot, but were installed by packrat. Typically, packages become stale when a new snapshot is available, but you haven't applied it yet with restore. By default, packrat will prevent you from taking a snapshot when you have stale packages to prevent you from losing changes from the unapplied snapshot. If your intent is to overwrite the last snapshot without applying it, use ignore.stale = TRUE to skip this check.

Computes the changes to your packrat state that would be made if a snapshot were performed, and prints them to the console.


TRUE to prompt before performing snapshotting package changes that might be unintended; FALSE to perform these operations without confirmation. Potentially unintended changes include snapshotting packages at an older version than the last snapshot, or missing despite being present in the last snapshot.


Boolean; should package sources be downloaded during snapshot?


If TRUE, infer package dependencies by examining R code used within the project. This included the R code contained within .R files, as well as other multi-mode documents (e.g. .Rmd).

See Also

restore to apply a snapshot. status to view the differences between the most recent snapshot and the library.


Run this code
# Take a snapshot of the current project

# See what changes would be included in a snapshot
snapshot( = TRUE)

# }

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