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An R Pandoc Writer

Contains some functions catching all messages, stdout and other useful information while evaluating R code and other helpers to return user specified text elements (like: header, paragraph, table, image, lists etc.) in pandoc's markdown or several type of R objects similarly automatically transformed to markdown format. Also capable of exporting/converting (the resulting) complex pandoc documents to e.g. HTML, PDF, docx or odt. This latter reporting feature is supported in brew syntax or with a custom reference class with a smarty caching backend.
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Functions in pander

Name Description
get.alignment Get alignment
get.emphasize Get emphasize params from internal buffer Toggle cache
pander_return Pander and capture output
pander.orm Prints an orm object from rms package in Pandoc's markdown.
has.rownames Check if rownames are available
pander.Arima Prints an arima object from stats package in Pandoc's markdown.
pander.function Pander method for function class
pander.table Pander method for table class
Pandoc-class Reporting with Pandoc
coef_mat Calculate coef matrix for models from rms package Forked from prModFit from rms
pander.evals Pander method for evals class
add.minor.ticks Minor tick marks
pander.clogit Pander method for clogit class
pander.POSIXlt Pander method for POSIXlt class
evalsOptions Querying/setting evals option Get a value from internal buffer
add.lattice.xsubticks Add subticks
pander.lm Pander method for summary.lm class
pander.summary.lm Pander method for summary.lm class
pander.zoo Pander method for zoo class
brew Patched brew
pander.CrossTable Pander method for CrossTable class
trim.spaces Trim leading and trailing spaces
pander.ols Prints an ols object from rms package in Pandoc's markdown.
pander.character Pander method for character class
pander.Glm Pander method for summary.glm class
pander.summary.aov Pander method for summary.aov class
p Inline Printing Pander method for data.frame class
pander.anova Pander method for anova class
pander.summary.nls Prints an summary.nls object from stats package in Pandoc's markdown.
add.significance.stars Add significance stars
pandoc.horizontal.rule.return Create horizontal rule
evals Evaluate and Process R Code
add.blank.lines Add trailing and leading blank line
pander.cast_df Pander method for cast_df class
pander.image Pander method for image class
pander.htest Pander method for htest class Create pandoc link Pandoc's markdown format link.
pander.tabular Pander method for tabular class
pander.coxph Pander method for coxph class
pander.POSIXct Pander method for POSIXct class
pandoc.p.return Paragraphs
pander.NULL Pander method for a NULL object Dates
pander.irts Prints an irts object from tseries package in Pandoc's markdown.
pandoc.emphasis.return Emphasis
pander.rapport Pander method for rapport class
pander.summary.glm Pander method for summary.glm class
pander.summary.prcomp Pander method for summary.prcomp class
pander.summary.polr Prints an summary.polr object from MASS package in Pandoc's markdown.
add.lattice.grid Add grids
set.caption Adds caption in current block
pander.survdiff Pander method for survdiff class
pander.list Pander method for list class
wrap Wrap Vector Elements
pander Generic pander method
pander.numeric Pander method for numeric class
redraw.recordedplot Redraws plot saved in file
pander.smooth.spline Pander method for smooth.spline class
pander.stat.table Pander method for stat.table class
pander.sessionInfo Pander method for sessionInfo class
pandoc.image.return Create pandoc image tags
pander.summary.rms Prints an summary.rms from rms package in Pandoc's markdown.
pandoc.footnote.return Footnote
pander.describe Pander method for describe class
panderOptions Querying/setting pander option
pander.ts Pander method for timeseries class
pandoc.table.return Create a table
pander.density Pander method for density class
pander.summary.table Pander method for summary.table class
pandoc.verbatim.return Add verbatim
pandoc.title.return Create title block
pandoc.list.return Create a list
pander.microbenchmark Pander method for microbenchmark class
Pandoc.brew Brew in pandoc format
get.caption Get caption
check_digits Check if vector parameter for round/digits and adjust accodingly
pander.matrix Pander method for matrix class
pander.cph Prints an cph object from rms package in Pandoc's markdown.
check_caption Check if caption is valid
pander.gtable Pander method for gtable class
pander.nls Prints an nls object from stats package in Pandoc's markdown.
pander.rlm Pander method for rlm class
pander.summary.aovlist Pander method for summary.aovlist class
eval.msgs Evaluate with messages
openFileInOS Open file
pander.summary.manova Prints an summary.manova object from stats package in Pandoc's markdown.
pander.Date Pander method for Date class
pander.ftable Pander method for ftable class
pander.summary.lme Pander method for summary.lme class
pandoc.header.return Create header
pandoc.strong.return Strong emphasis
repChar Repeating chars
pander.vector Helper function to deal with atomic vectors
pander.manova Pander method for manova class
pander.lrm Prints an lrm object from rms package in Pandoc's markdown.
pandoc.formula.return Formulas
remove.extra.newlines Remove more then two joined newlines
pandoc.strikeout.return Add strikeout
pander.prcomp Pander method for prcomp class
pander.randomForest Pander method for randomForest class
pander.polr Prints an polr object from MASS package in Pandoc's markdown.
emphasize.rows Emphasize rows/columns/cells
pander.formula Pander method for formula class
multitable Create a multitable used for rendering objects from rms package
pander.logical Pander method for logical class Pander method for name class
set.alignment Sets alignment for tables
pander.survfit Pander method for survfit class
pander.survreg Prints an survreg object from survival package in Pandoc's markdown.
splitLine Split line with line breaks depending on max.width
pander.aovlist Pander method for aovlist class
pander.mtable Pander method for mtable class
pandoc.indent Indent text
Pandoc.convert Converts Pandoc to other format
pander.aov Pander method for aov class Pander method for call class
pander.factor Pander method for factor class
pander.default Default Pander method
pander.lme Pander method for lme class
pander.summary.survreg Prints an survreg object from survival package in Pandoc's markdown.
redrawPlot Redraw a recordedplot, grid, trellis, or ggplot2 plot.
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