Support for Parallel Computation

Support for parallel computation, including random-number generation.


This package is under development: a first version was released with R 2.14.0.

There is support for multiple RNG streams with the "L'Ecuyer-CMRG" RNG: see nextRNGStream.

It contains functionality derived from and pretty much equivalent to that contained in packages \href{}{\pkg{#1}}multicoremulticore (with some low-level functions renamed and not exported) and \href{}{\pkg{#1}}snowsnow (for socket clusters only, but MPI and NWS clusters generated by \href{}{\pkg{#1}}snowsnow are also supported). This package also provides makeForkCluster.

For a complete list of exported functions, use library(help = "parallel").

See Also

Parallel computation involves launching worker processes: functions psnice and pskill in package tools provide means to manage such processes.

  • parallel-package
  • parallel
Documentation reproduced from package parallel, version 3.2.0, License: Part of R 3.2.0

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