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Parse Tools

Tools and utilities for dealing with parse data. Parse data represents the parse tree as data with location and type information. This package provides functions for navigating the parse tree as a data frame.

Functions in parsetools

Name Description
calls Call nodes
family-nodes Family-wise Node Identification and Navigation.
extract_test_block Extract testing blocks from the parse-data.
all_grouping_ids get the grouping ids
all_root_nodes Find all root node from parse data
function-nodes Function Nodes
get_parse_data Parse Data
get_family_pd Get family of nodes.
pd_make_is_in_call Create a function to test if an id is contained in a type
pd_is_grouping test if an id is a grouping element
pd_class_definitions Test for Class Definitions
pd_identify Get the ID for an object
pd_is_comment Is this a comment?
pd_all_tagged_iff_block_ids Find all tagged if(FALSE) blocks.
if-statements If Statement Nodes
iff-blocks IFF Blocks
pd_get_closest_call_id Get the closest call ID.
pd_get_relative_comment_associated_ids Associate relative documentation comments
pd_get_comment_tag_content Get the content of a tag
pd_get_iff_associated_name_id Find the name that should be associated with an if(FALSE) block.
internal Make a function operate internal to parsetools
pd_has_tag Check if there is a documentation @ tag.
pd_get_tagged_comment_ids Get tagged comment ids
n_children Count the number of children
root Root IDs
strip_doc_comment_leads Remove the characters identifying a documentation comment.
pd_reconstitute Reconstitute Expressions
strip_tag Remove a tag that identified a line.
pd_text Accessor functions
clean_tag_comments clean tag comments
assignments Assignment Node Navigation.
extract_test_blocks extract tests from a file.
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Type Package
License GPL-2
Language en-US
Collate 'internal.R' 'accessors.R' 'checks.R' 'children.R' 'comments.R' 'errors.R' 'family.R' 'find-utils.R' 'firstborn.R' 'get_parse_data.R' 'grouping.R' 'iff_blocks.R' 'parent.R' 'pd_assign.R' 'pd_call.R' 'pd_make_is_in.R' 'pd_classes.R' 'pd_comments.R' 'pd_function.R' 'pd_identify.R' 'pd_if.R' 'reconstitute.R' 'root.R' 'siblings.R' 'tags.R' 'testing_blocks.R' 'zzz.R'
Encoding UTF-8
RoxygenNote 6.1.1
VignetteBuilder knitr
KeepSource yes
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2019-07-11 17:28:35 UTC; u0092104
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2019-07-11 21:58:01 UTC

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