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by Torsten Hothorn

A Laboratory for Recursive Part(y)itioning

Unbiased recursive partitioning in a conditional inference framework. This package implements a unified framework for recursive partitioning which embeds tree-structured regression models into a well defined theory of conditional inference procedures. Stopping criteria based on multiple test procedures are implemented. The methodology is applicable to all kinds of regression problems, including nominal, ordinal, numeric, censored as well as multivariate response variables and arbitrary measurement scales of the covariates. Extensible functionality for visualizing tree-structured regression models is available.

Functions in party

Name Description
Memory Allocation Memory Allocation
LearningSample Class Class "LearningSample"
Conditional Trees Conditional Trees
mammoexp Mammography Experience Study
Plot BinaryTree Visualization of Binary Regression Trees
Control Hyper Parameters Control for Conditional Tree Models
TreeControl Class Class "TreeControl"
BinaryTree Class Class "BinaryTree"
Initialize Methods Methods for Function initialize in Package `party'
Panel Generating Functions Visualization of Binary Regression Trees
SplittingNode Class Class "SplittingNode"
Fit Methods Fit `StatModel' Objects to Data
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License GPL
Packaged Wed Oct 19 16:41:35 2005; hothorn

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