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Package for Analysis of Space-Time Ecological Series

Regularisation, decomposition and analysis of space-time series. The pastecs R package is a PNEC-Art4 and IFREMER (Benoit Beliaeff <>) initiative to bring PASSTEC 2000 functionalities to R.

Functions in pastecs

Name Description
AutoD2 AutoD2, CrossD2 or CenterD2 analysis of a multiple time-series
deccensus Time decomposition using the CENSUS II method
disjoin Complete disjoined coded data (binary coding)
marbio Several zooplankton taxa measured across a transect
decloess Time series decomposition by the LOESS method
decmedian Time series decomposition using a running median
marphy Physico-chemical records at the same stations as for marbio
reglin Regulation of a series using a linear interpolation
extract Extract a subset of the original dataset
regconst Regulate a series using the constant value method
first Get the first element of a vector
daystoyears Convert time units from "days" to "years" or back
stat.desc Descriptive statistics on a data frame or time series
buysbal Buys-Ballot table
regspline Regulation of a time series using splines
stat.pen Pennington statistics on a data frame or time series
vario Compute and plot a semi-variogram
match.tol Determine matching observation with a tolerance in time-scale
regul Regulation of one or several time series using various methods
pennington Calculate Pennington statistics
stat.slide Sliding statistics
trend.test Test if an increasing or decreasing trend exists in a time series
tseries Convert a 'regul' or a 'tsd' object into a time series
tsd Decomposition of one or several regular time series using various methods
decdiff Time series decomposition using differences (trend elimination)
decevf Time series decomposition using eigenvector filtering (EVF)
.gleissberg.table Table of probabilities according to the Gleissberg distribution
is.tseries Is this object a time series?
pgleissberg Gleissberg distribution probability
regarea Regulate a series using the area method
regul.adj Adjust regulation parameters
regul.screen Test various regulation parameters
abund Sort variables by abundance
bnr A data frame of 163 benthic species measured across a transect
disto Compute and plot a distogram
escouf Choose variables using the Escoufier's equivalent vectors method
last Get the last element of a vector
local.trend Calculate local trends using cumsum
releve A data frame of six phytoplankton taxa followed in time at one station
specs Collect parameters ("specifications") from one object to use them in another analysis
turnogram Calculate and plot a turnogram for a regular time series
turnpoints Analyze turning points (peaks or pits)
GetUnitText Format a nice time units for labels in graphs
decaverage Time series decomposition using a moving average
decreg Time series decomposition using a regression model
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Packaged 2018-03-15 19:48:41 UTC; phgrosjean
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Date/Publication 2018-03-15 22:41:44 UTC

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