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by Wei-Chen Chen

Programming with Big Data -- Interface to ZeroMQ

Providing high level R wrapper functions to utilize ZeroMQ C API functions in detail manners. pbdZMQ mainly focuses on client/servers programming framework in an interaction style. A minimum ZeroMQ library 4.1.0 rc1 is built and linked within pbdZMQ if no external ZerMQ library is not provided. A few compatible wrapper functions to rzmq are also provided.

Functions in pbdZMQ

Name Description
Message Functions Message Functions
pbdZMQ Internal Functions All pbdZMQ Internal Functions
Utility Functions Utility Functions
ZMQ Control Environment Sets of controls in pbdZMQ.
Shell Execution Shell Execution via cmd windows
Context Functions Context Functions
Socket Functions Socket Functions
Wrapper Functions for rzmq All Wrapper Functions for rzmq
ZMQ Control Functions Sets of controls in pbdZMQ.
Send Receive Functions Send Receive Functions
pbdZMQ-package Programming with Big Data -- Interface to ZeroMQ
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Date 2015-08-15
LazyLoad yes
LazyData yes
Copyright See files AUTHORS, COPYING, COPYING.LESSER, and MAINTAINERS in pbdZMQ/inst/zmq_copyright/ for the ZeroMQ source files in src/zmq_src/ which are under GPL-3.
SystemRequirements Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows, or ZeroMQ library >= 4.0.4.
License GPL-3
URL http://r-pbd.org/
BugReports http://group.r-pbd.org/
MailingList Please send questions and comments regarding pbdR to RBigData@gmail.com
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2015-09-11 01:55:59 UTC; snoweye
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2015-09-11 10:05:21

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